PvP Question on Ability

So I am newer to PvP 2v2, 3v3 etc...
I see as my ret pally I am unable to use my lay on hands.
Please tell me there is other abilities all classes have that they cannot use in PvP 2v2 etc...
Its large cool down abilities, think its around the 10minute mark. They were deemed too powerful for arena. Abilities like timewarp / lust / heroism cannot be used. Lay on hands used to be an hour long cool down if i remember correctly, its just that big in pvp.

Not all classes have abilities that cannot be used, just be glad you have something that powerful in the first place even if you can't use it.

You can't use a lot of engineering / other things either.

These rules apply to rated battle grounds too in case you were wondering.
Ok thanks for the info. Was just curious.
To my knowledge any cd with a base cooldown over 5 mins are not aloud in rbgs or arena.

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