Ret help.

Okay, so im starting to take ret seriously now and was wondering what should i go for if i am gearing at flex, Low level items.

Mastery or Haste?
Haste haste and more helps smooth out your rotation immensely,,,until you can get 40%+ unbuffed you still don't have enough
40% applies if you have the t16 4p. If not then you are better going all the way to 50% (you won't get there in LFR/Flex gear).

Weapon ilvl is a huge part of your damage, and is what you should prioritize your rolls for. Good news is that the three bosses in the first three wings that drop weapons are tier bosses, so if you don't have the tier set, then your coins will be used for tier and weapon. And Thok, who drops bis weapon and tier head, also drops bis trinket. Your other bis trinket comes off Galakras.
I believe haste even beats strength starting well before current LFR / Flex ilvls.

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