LF serious players!

Well, as it happened to everyone. My CR has dropped a poopton. But i'm not giving up, i really really am looking for a set team to push rating with. 1600 CR and i'm looking for someone around that, and 2k exp. Prefer RMD or anything viable, honestly.

I also have:
1600 Feral
1500 Hpriest
1600 Fire mage

Prefer: Kittycleave for feral
Anything for Hpriest
Fireplay or WMD for Fire.
I am in the same situation as you.

I am looking for a healer for 3s for kittycleave too so if you would like to run that on your priest. :)

I have a Destro lock too.

edit - my rating dropped too from the fix, was 1700 cr before

NVM im an idiot, you are on alliance - human. sigh I always miss that. sorry
Im Just lookin to have fun and win some games. Look me up @ Leth612#1265
0 cr this season LF serious partners for RMD RMP RLS or a 5s team


have a mage aswell & working on a feral.

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