[April Fools] Warlords of Draenor - 6.0 Patch Note Preview

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They are going above and beyond for these April fools jokes
Ah, I love it. Ten thumbs ups.

04/01/2014 08:29 AMPosted by Bashiok
Time Warp now requires just a jump to the left.

What about a step to the right?[/quote]

Put your hands on your hips.
"I laughed, I cried, it was better than 'Cats'."

Well, better than "Outcasts" (as funny as that was), and miles better than the new fem Draenei model.

Oh, and my feral druid Lonchanee says, "I can haz Taurenburger?"
Whoever the author(s) of this are, they went into the wrong field. Some of this is pure comedic gold!

Awesome job! :D
Love it! Two thumbs way up :-)

  • Rockbiter Totem now transforms the Shaman into a large stone elemental that cannot save their friends, despite having such big, strong hands.
  • .

    Love it! :)
    04/01/2014 08:29 AMPosted by Bashiok
    Vampiric Embrace now calls upon a glittery vampire to hold you and tell you he will always protect you, Bella.

    Omg, I died laughing. XD
    04/01/2014 08:29 AMPosted by Bashiok
    The Protection passive Ultimatum just isn’t going to put up with it anymore. It’s either me or her, Jerry!

    That Seinfeld reference XD <3
    Best post I've read all year lol!
    04/01/2014 08:29 AMPosted by Bashiok
    Blackout Kick now causes the victim to wake up the next day and question their life choices.

    I absolutely love this. Keep up the good work Blizzard!
    Really enjoying the April Fools patch notes! But think I got the biggest laugh out of

    04/01/2014 08:29 AMPosted by Bashiok
    Upon being killed in PvP, you’ll now be presented with an interface allowing you to directly contact the developer responsible for this crap.

    Also, the Star Trek Refrence in the priests notes made me smile.
    There will always be one person who takes this seriously. Delicious.
    04/01/2014 08:29 AMPosted by Bashiok
    Using the Mage spell Blink will now attract the attention of creepy angel statues. Don’t “Blink.”

    Blink and you're dead and starting the game again.
    Man that hunter thing made me giggle for so long
    wow what the !@#$ this is epic and i feeling eating some moonkins :) but i guess im only gonna play resto in spring and summer LMAO
    This made me lol
    ROFL !!!! That made my morning, thanks for the laughter and happiness Blizz :) :) :)
    I'll be looking in my mailbox for my "bright orange vest" and I expect a quest line to achieve my new straw weapon, so stoked.....I'm salivating already in prep.

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