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Blizzard should have considered the implications of putting a "who can get the fastest time" aspect into challenge modes before they put them in then.

04/05/2014 01:26 PMPosted by Slashlove

"We're also aware that while essentially any class composition can get all Golds, balance breaks down at the extreme high end of the spectrum, and we wouldn't want to set a formal benchmark that some groups couldn't reach even with expert play."

What did they really expect to happen? That people wouldn't min/max to get the fastest possible time? You would think after all the PvPers who re-roll for FotM, after all the class stacking that goes on in progression guilds for kills that we wouldn't want to run the best comp possible for maximum advantage?

If they don't want to set a benchmark that some comps can't reach, the burden lies with them to improve class balance in the future. Players who were dedicated enough to re-roll, obtain BIS gear/professions and effectively relearn an entire class shouldn't be negatively impacted because blizzard didn't have the foresight to go "hang on a minute, maybe pigeon-holing players into certain comps to get the edge on competition isn't a great idea, perhaps we should rethink what we're gonna do about these titles come WOD BEFORE players make these commitments".

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