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What is this? How is this related to a server's fastest clear? I'm confused.

That's their reasoning on why they can't tie it to the FoS. If they did, then the first clear in WoD would technically be the fastest as well. But you know what? Better that than losing them altogether! Let the people who have the dedication to clear it first have the titles then. The pool of people who have them will grow, but at least they'd be permanent.

On servers like mine, we'll still only have a handful of people who earn them.

EDIT: All in all, I honestly do not care how it's handled so long as these titles do not go away.
So the take away I got from this is that we can't have nice things because of server connections.

I didn't want your flippin' connections anyways. You ruined our server cluster.
you guys should take out scarab lord, undying, plagued and black proto drakes as well since those were temporary aye
Posted by Lights
we keep nothing from it.

You keep the transmog (that will be unobtainable), get 3 free mounts (along with the one you chose when you earned the transmog, which are also unobtainable) and a different title (The Undaunted) that's ALSO unobtainable once WoD hits.

I hardly qualify that as "nothing".

It is "nothing". I got all of that stuff a year ago, in the gear i was in at the time, gemmed suboptimally. I went back just this last week to get the titles with a semi-new group (two new people and two playing completely different alts that they geared specifically for CMs) after several months of farming old content for the best gear. We spent a long time trying to clear fast enough for the titles. I put in a lot of extra effort for these titles, and now I find that I won't get to keep them? I'm certainly unhappy

I will say this much: I no longer have any incentive to push for good times. Next expansion, I'm going to rush my golds in the first couple months and then retire from CMs for the rest of the expansion, like I did until these titles were added this expansion. Blizzard is sorely mistaken that these titles will be meaningless once the CMs no longer exist. There are many vanity items, mounts, titles, and gear pieces that I go green with envy over that were only obtainable at times when I didn't play the game.

Why take away our titles when top-ranked PvPers get to keep theirs? When arenas were disconnected from battlegroups, the people who earned PvP titles in battlegroups didn't have them taken away. The same kinds of arguments about transferring to low pop servers for CM titles can be made for transferring to less competitive battlegroups for PvP titles - why are the PvEers having our cool stuff taken away when the precedent was already set for the PvPers to get to keep theirs?

I am extremely unhappy with Blizzard's decision, and I hope that it is changed.
04/02/2014 11:13 PMPosted by Riae
What is this? How is this related to a server's fastest clear? I'm confused.

As far as I know, the game has a Realm First! Challenger Conqueror: Gold achievement, wich is more accurate of what you're talking about.

Since when do you get realm records by clearing them first?

If you're the first to clear, you're the only to clear, technically making you the fastest clear. It makes sense, titles understandably shouldn't be tied to the FoS.
someone with 6000 achievement points would have this attitude, you did not spend the 10's of thousands of gold and many many hours and afternoons in attempt to secure these titles. The fact that I get nothing from my efforts really makes me lose appeal for this game. There will be no more competition and I thank them for giving me another reason to yet log off of this game
04/02/2014 11:03 PMPosted by Cryoxene
Everyone who did CMs to gold will get those.

And how many people is that again? I have no idea of the number, but I can't imagine it's a huge amount of people. The people who have done them when current, get something out of it. Stuff that will be unobtainable later.

04/02/2014 11:05 PMPosted by Andy
The argument is that past gold there is no point fighting over rank 1 times because they don't give you anything,

Pretty sure the blue above me said they give a Feat of Strength. Maybe it's not what you'd like, but it still doesn't qualify as "nothing". Whether or not you think it's WORTH fighting for that FoS, that's up to you.

04/02/2014 11:06 PMPosted by Sofex
Just think if they said that the gold armor and silver mounts were all being taken away. How would you feel about it? You'd be annoyed that you worked for something and they took it from you. Now imagine if it took you hundreds of game hours to get those things.

I'm actually pretty pissed rewards are being taken away in the first place even though I have them on this character. Because I have alts, and I like the transmogs. Now if I want to get those transmogs, I have to hurry along and level an alliance warlock, and then farm gear, and do the CMs all that before WoD.

If I don't make it, I'll just never have it on those characters, and that sucks. Removing rewards is not something I like or even actively support. I'm just posting here to argue that "we get NOTHING" isn't a valid point. You do get someting. At the very least, you get to enjoy the titles until their removal, it's not like they are being hotfixed out of the game. Idk, take a screenshot or something.

Idk, I just never supported those titles in the first place as they do not foster what I consider healthy competition (Also why I never tried to get them). People are understandably pissed that their rewards are being taken away, I get that. But saying "I put in all this effort and I got nothing" it's not a fair assessment. You got the title for as long as you kept it, and you knew damn well that someone out there could beat your time and take your title away.

Are you just pissed because that "someone" who took it away is Blizzard rather than another player?
04/02/2014 11:29 PMPosted by Heradura
The FOS is your trophy; you don't get to continue to carry the pride

So things like Hand of A'dal should be just a FoS and the title should have been stripped as soon as 3.0 launched, right?
To put myself in some of these poster's shoes, I'd definitely be a bit bummed if I learned I'd lose the title, even though I'm not much of a title guy. That last week before 6.0 certainly would have been interesting with all the sniping and title selling, but those involved would rather have a title to shoot for rather than no chance at all. It's a design decision, a tough one at that, and usually when something hits the front page blog that's close to definitive, but not 100%. It might be good to reach out to some of the most dedicated speedrunners like with PVPers. Perhaps not as extravagant as a private roundtable at Blizzcon, but just to gather post-mortem feedback as the new ones are hammered down.

Going forward, the distinction could be region-wide, ie: top X% of each instance, awarded at the start of each major content patch that coincides with a new PVP season, and you'd have a stronger parallel with Gladiator as originally intended. Times would also wipe at the start of each season, and you usually have major class changes then anyway. Only thing is, Gladiator titles aren't permanent either, and but I see no reason not to in this case since they're effectively retired at the end of expansions and 'Gladiator' is a timeless moniker. Plus Glad comes with other benefits (mounts, Conq Cap), and it's just the title here for motivation. To reiterate one other idea I've had for awhile, we could cultivate a stronger CM community with a dedicated CM board for discussing strategies and forming groups. It's true it might just become one big "LFG" board like realm forums but it's worth a shot.
I misinterpreted you. No, the title should remain, but the ability to get ie Light of Dawn should have been stripped as soon as it wasn't relevant. That's just me though.

Which is the opposite of what's happening here - so why are you arguing for it?
Are you just pissed because that "someone" who took it away is Blizzard rather than another player?

Yes I am. If it was another player, I'd know they were better than I was and I'd have respect, not anger, for them. I'd also pull my group together and sit my butt down for ANOTHER 4+ hours in whatever instance they took the titles from.

As for the number of people who got gold, you'd be surprised. It's quite a lot now. I've helped my own guildies who had no interest in CMs beyond the transmog to their golds, and they put zero work in besides showing up. Besides, Golds are much more easily bought through carries and pilots than realm best. Realm best requires 3 or more people from a given server to achieve.
•Wrathion will once again ask the heroes of Azeroth to embark on an expansion-long quest, culminating in the reward of a Legendary item. First players must reach Draenor and help to guide Anduin through his formative years, teaching him how to talk to girls, how to tie a tie, etc. This process takes approximately 4-5 years, but could extend well into his 20’s depending on how much he resents you. You’ll then graciously enter into the Arenas and attain a rating of 2200 or higher. Wrathion will then send level-100 players on an epic quest to collect 60 small knickknacks from Normal Dungeon bosses. These are just for Wrathion’s small curio collection. You’ll then be asked to go on a whirlwind tour of Azeroth and defeat every Battle Pet trainer—we hope you’ve been practicing! Then you need to get 3,000 Valor; unfortunately Valor might not really be a thing anymore, so he wishes you good luck with that. After that point, though, it’s just a short skip and a jump of beating every Raid boss in the expansion 12 times, on separate lockouts, to prove your worth to wear the ultimate prize, a Legendary T-shirt and the Achievement “I Helped Wrathion and All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt”.

Between all the consumable farming, the strategy formulating, the dozens of videos we've watched, the hundreds of gear runs we've done, the leaderboard watching, the gold we've dropped re-optimizing and switching to engineering, the time we spent finding players to run them, and not to mention the hours upon hours of actually wiping in CMs... This is exactly how it feels after being told all we'll have to show our hard work is a feat of strength among the rest of the CM feats of strength.
Good god just handle the titles like RBGs are handled. My DK is still "hero of the horde" despite obtaining it years ago. Top X % of groups in the region get the perma-title. Keeps competition amongst the top groups high, temp titles still keep competition within servers up.

You as devs are being faced with an overwhelming number of people here saying losing the perma-titles is a bad idea, and not just from people who have them. We want to compete in CMs in Warlords but without a carrot to compete for beyond gold, almost all of us won't be bothering. The FoS is something my group is likely to obtain in the first weeks as our intent (regardless of title status) is to get them done very early in the expac, so what will we be competing for after that?

Give me some reason to stay subscribed to your game as without this, I have nothing to do but farm garrosh for the next five months or however long it is before Warlords, and that just isn't good enough to justify the subscription fee.
How can you expect us to settle with some "rare" FoS for compensation of all the hard work and dedication we put into Challenge Modes. A lot of us are so passionate about competing for these titles, and to take them away is the exact same as taking away hundreds of hours our time. You can not tell us otherwise. Does your costumers time and dedication mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO YOU GUYS?
The pros HIGHLY out weigh the cons in this situation.
- Adds some friendly competition and social glue to the server.
- Encourages players to perform better and innovate new ideas in the game.
- Makes players want to go back into Challenge Modes (we will not if this goes through).
- Gives us something to do while we sit in your year long raids.
I can go on for days about how much these titles mean to us, the Challenge Mode community. We are a niche community and it does not take much to satisfy us, just keep, the titles, in, the game. It's simple.
Some of us pour our heart and soul into these Challenge Modes. We've formed such close relationships with our friends and even with some of the people we competed against. Some of us even play the game purely for the competitive nature of Challenge Modes.
Leave the titles in.
Don't give them to whoever has the FoS, simply reward them to the people with the best times on the server. GIVE US SOMETHING TO FIGHT FOR WHILE WE WAIT FOR SIEGE TO BE OVER. Don't make the only end-game be Raiding and PvP. I love this game will all my heart Blizzard, I've been playing since day one, but you are crushing me on the inside right now.

I will fight this until the end, I won't let you guys take away my favorite aspect of Challenge Modes, and ALOT of other passionate players favorite part.
Show some passion for those who are passionate!
04/02/2014 11:39 PMPosted by Cryoxene
Yes I am. If it was another player, I'd know they were better than I was and I'd have respect, not anger, for them. I'd also pull my group together and sit my butt down for ANOTHER 4+ hours in whatever instance they took the titles from.

And what if they've done that at 11:59 PM on Monday before WoD hits?

Nothing you can do about it, it's gone. 6.0 is out, and the title isn't yours, even though you held it until 11:59 PM of the night before. There's no way you can convince me that you wouldn't be pissed. You're assuming you'd have an opportunity to get it back. I'm assuming you wouldn't. What then?

The point is, the title is (and ALWAYS WAS) temporary. You could lose it at any time. To celebrate the fact that you had it at one point in time, you get a FoS.

04/02/2014 11:33 PMPosted by Aeolyn
So things like Hand of A'dal should be just a FoS and the title should have been stripped as soon as 3.0 launched, right?

Right, I agree 100% with that. I'm super pissed that I can't obtain titles like Hand of A'dal and Champion of the Naaru, even though every other week I help someone to get those. Someone who happened to have an alt back in the day and still has the quest in their logs, even though at the time they were never ever capable of completing the requirements.
I will fight this until the end, I won't let you guys take away my favorite aspect of Challenge Modes, and ALOT of other passionate players favorite part.
Show some passion for those who are passionate!

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