What's the point of PvE gear if

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It doesn't make you better at PvP?
People just like big numbers. They get their high off competing in DPS / damage done or HPS / Healing done.

The PvP crowd mixes with that thought process but the higher end PvPers are more interested in the game mechanics like cooldown usage.

For PvP gear matters but nowhere near as much as it does in PvE. I find I like both.
04/03/2014 03:02 PMPosted by Tornwarrior
It doesn't make you better at PvP?

It lets me stay alive a little longer while I just stand there and wait for whoever to kill me, so I guess that makes me better at it.
04/03/2014 03:02 PMPosted by Tornwarrior
It doesn't make you better at PvP?

Whats the point of PVP gear if it doesn't make you better at PVE?
It's better then PvP gear.
What's the point of air if you can't chew it?
Because people whined about PVE'ers completely dominating BG's in classic.

No, really. There was only one season of gear in classic, it scaled to blackwing lair gear or so, and you had to hit ranks (and your rank was appointed based on where your honor intake stacked against the rest of your server. The highest rank was only available to one, maybe two, people per week.)
Instanced PvP - PvE gear is not effective.

WPvP - it does a lot.
Yeah, I love going to TI to kill censer peeps. I've survived 2 and sometimes 4 people beating on me and came out as the last man standing. This gear + TI buffs means I'm gonna live a very long time. Well over 1m hps with yu'lon buff.

I really love getting messages about it too. When a ganker gets ganked and cries...there's really nothing better.
It makes you better at the real game.

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