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With regard to focus target coordination in a group, seriously, players could do a far better job of working together and not just "doing their own thing". Thats what this is really about. I'll share a little tip. Simply calling targets helps immensely - and you can do it without voice.

Use this macro:
/run SendChatMessage("KILL "..UnitName("target").." ("..UnitClass("target")..")!","YELL",nil,nil)

The only problem you may face, even if you are a great target caller, is that some players would rather lose than follow any sort of direction.

But that's not a game issue for Blizzard to solve, is it. It's an issue for the psychologists.
04/04/2014 06:42 AMPosted by Tovi
Oi! I rarely pvp and I've never seen a multiboxer so I got a question:

The OP said "paladin controlling 6 dks." What happens if you take out that paladin?

Either you have a run of the mill boxer, who ends up dying all the way around.

Or you run into the pro boxer, who has macros and the like already set up to allow him to shift his 'lead' toon on the fly.

Quit yer whining, OP.

I've two-boxxed in the past. I tried BGing, and if anything, it made the experience more DIFFICULT for me, not easier.

I don't even play the alt account anymore. Maybe in the future, if I want it for talking to opposite faction players; I'll resub with it. Until then, I'm a one-account kinda guy.

Multiboxing adds little to no benefit in a PvP scenario. Often, it provides negative benefits.

You don't know what you're even crying about.
04/03/2014 10:07 PMPosted by Wárlòrd
I do not understand why bliz allows this other than its an easy 15 a month to pad the share holders pockets.

Statements like these are moronic. The amount of money Blizzard is making off of multiboxers is piss in the ocean relative to the entire subscriber base.
04/03/2014 10:19 PMPosted by Narumok

I'm not opposed to multiboxing.

I guess I somehow started multiboxing without knowing it. Scum that I apparently am.
04/04/2014 07:17 AMPosted by Dhgwarkey
To the pople saying cut off the head and the others follow:

That Darkspear boxer can switch lead to whichever toon he wishes. So unless you have some sort of freak all aoe attack, you cant kill the bastard.

Unfair as all get out.




Dude this is not about that particular Multi Boxxer... but since you bought it up.. if you want to know how to best deal with him I suggest you roll an ally toon on KJ and ask.. Apparent the allies on KJ made it impossible for this guy to have fun so he transferred to Darkspear... KJ did not seem to have any problems killing this guy, so the question that should be asked is why the Allies on Darkspear can not do the same.

Oh and have you not learned this yet??? LIFE IS NOT FAIR
04/04/2014 06:22 AMPosted by Zaeralyn
04/03/2014 10:10 PMPosted by Vanarela
Six characters controlled by one man.

Six characters controlled by six men.

The only difference is that the former is at an enormous disadvantage.

I fail to see how 1 person controlling 6 characters that are are flawlessly synchronized with each other is at a disadvantage to 6 random people doing random things who may not even speak the same language.

Target 1st player >x6 perfectly simultaneous Obliterates >dead

If you can't see how that is a very real advantage over a random group of people doing random things at random times I just don't know what to say to you.

To start, six people doing the same thing at the same time isn't "flawless coordination." In fact, that's a limitation, not an advantage. They lose all of their flexibility.

Secondly, six characters that are individually controlled could do the exact same thing.

Besides, even if we can legitimately call multiboxing "coordination," coordinated players will always beat uncoordinated players. Random battleground are uncoordinated, and thus premades are always going to kick your cheeks into tomorrow. Quit PuGing.

If multiboxing was as powerful as you think it is, 2200 arena players would be multiboxing. Why aren't they multiboxing? Because multiboxing is terribly suboptimal.
I thought you couldn't follow anymore in BG's? Did MB's find another way to do it?
I don't really have a problem with MB's bcs I rarely see them! I have been playing a long, long, long time and Rarely see them so they don't really bother me and I BG often!

The only thing I hate is the argument of 6 people or 6 boxers.....6 people rarely focus fire 1 person unlike boxers. The other thing is they will aoe down a couple of people.

Anywho, Boxers are rare imo....I don't like them but I don't care about them either bcs I rarely see them.
04/04/2014 06:57 AMPosted by Inkys
If snowfox could see this now...

idk. People have been trying to ban it since vanilla.

What happened to my favorite (not really) MVP?

Got bored. Wandered off.
But you could have solo'd six characters controlled by six different people, right?
brb, gonna multibox 3 dks and get rank 1
Fear = scrambled multiboxer and pick them off one at a time while they try to regroup.
If you allowed a multiboxer controlling 7 characters to beat you at EOTS, then it wouldn't have mattered who you played - you would have lost anyway.

When you have 60% of a team that is grouped into a small location and unable to cover other bases, your team should have just rotated wherever he wasn't and run flags all day on him.

In a game that's built around spreading out resources to cover multiple objectives, your team completely failed.
The issue isn't even "better coordination". When a multiboxer of shamans runs in and chain lightning spams a group it's game over for the group.
04/04/2014 09:32 AMPosted by Ranfan
6 people rarely focus fire 1 person unlike boxers.

But they're perfectly capable of it, and that's the point.

A multiboxer can only do a fraction of the things a group of real players can, and they do them all less effectively. Multiboxing is a handicap, not an advantage.
Consider Multi-boxers incentive for communicating with your teammates. And when I say communicate I don't mean "Omg you noobs kill the multi-boxing cheater!"

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