[H] Portal 14/14H LFM


Team Cut : 14/14H : 10m
Tues, Wed, Thurs 830-1130 serv
1 ranged: (prefer boom or ele)
1 healer: (prefer disc)

Team Omi : 13/14H : 10m
Tues, Wed, Thurs 700-1030 serv
1 ranged: (prefer boom, mage or lock)
1 healer: (prefer shaman or paladin)

We currently run 2 10 man teams thru H SoO, and will continue to do so up until about 6 weeks'ish from WoD launch. We will be combining these teams into our mythic roster of 25-27. We have a few positions still up for grabs and are looking for exceptional players to raid SoO with us now full time as we finish out this heroic tier.

All applications considered. Preference given for above listed classes / specs. Would also give preference to extremely exceptional hunters or other ranged classes.

Please visit our website at portalguild.us and apply. Add Authörity (Authority#1650) and Omicida (Tzigaine#1211) for contacts. Reference "recruitment" in the request. Thanks!
Bear is best tank.
still looking
added a need for a healer!
still looking
Still looking to fill an immediate need for a ranged dps spot
We still have an immediate opening for ranged (or super awesome melee) dps!
grats team omi 10/14H !
still looking !
apply now !
cmon party people.
Come raid with us! :)
/jedi mindtrick
This might be the guild I am looking for.
Good luck with the BOOMY!
still looking yo
new week so new apps go !
bug kill imminent ! app now thx
get in mah raid

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