(H-RP)Sermon of the Forgotten Shadow

Moon Guard
A letter comes to your attention. Be it posted or delivered, it finds its way into the hands of the curious and the faithful. What first gathers your attention is the sigil at the top of the page, a symbol often seen upon the tabards and banners of the Forsaken; that of the pale, broken likeness of the Dark Lady overlaying three broken arrows.

Should your interest be piqued and you delve into the body of the letter, the following would present itself:

Faithful of the Forgotten Shadow,

It is with great esteem that Priestess Sanari Shadowtear announces her intentions to host a series of sermons addressing the teachings of the Forgotten Shadow. She expresses that these sessions shall be open to any and all who wish to listen and expand their understanding of the Forgotten Shadow.

Priestess Shadowtear promises in her discussions to address not only the teachings of the Shadow, including that of the tenets: Respect, Tenacity and Power; and the concepts behind Ascension and Divine Humanism, but also wishes to shed light upon the stances of the Forgotten Shadow upon current and ongoing events and how best to approach them in terms of your faith.

At the allotted time of Eight bells at the base of the tower in the Northwestern ruins of Lordaeron, just south of the portal to Quel’thalas she will hold these discussions at a bi-weekly basis. The first shall be the Thirteenth day of the month of April and shall serve as an introduction to the Priestess herself and the foundations of beliefs within the Forgotten Shadow.



WHERE: Ruins of Lordaeron, in the tower just south of the portal to Silvermoon.

WHEN: April 13th, 2014 @ 8:00 Server Time

WHO: Just little old me! Sanari of <Legion of Vengeance>

WHY: Just to stir up a little religious RP which has been lacking a little bit lately! As said, I would offer a not-so-lofty introduction into the basic aspects of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow and give it a stronger sense of presence in Horde roleplay. My goal is to create a loose community of 'Faithful' roleplayers and hope to do so through sermons initially, and hopefully with multiple speakers and extend into Lightslayer training and perhaps more!

For now, though, I have this event and invite everyone interested to attend!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or whatever feel free to tackle myself whenever I'm online! My battle.net tag is Kymeera#1456

Thanks and have fun out there!
Will come! One thing I'd like to see is a little conversation about the difference of religious shadow and a warlock's shadow, are they the same, or used differently? If the same, why does one need faith while the other does not? I have loads of questions, if you accept!
Yo qurl imma be all up in dis shiznit on my priest ya hear? Gurl imma be on Wenerick and be like "Yo girl dis speak to me on a spiritual level type shiz."
Marked it on my calendar, I'm excited. :)
04/07/2014 10:26 PMPosted by Kanalian
Will come! One thing I'd like to see is a little conversation about the difference of religious shadow and a warlock's shadow, are they the same, or used differently? If the same, why does one need faith while the other does not? I have loads of questions, if you accept!

I'll keep this in mind for future discussions. I don't know if I can fit that into the Sermon this week but that doesn't mean I'm not totally into answering questions before, after or whenever. In fact, I'm fully expecting to be quizzed by people after the sermon tomorrow. But feel free to approach me anytime, IC or OOC, for any questions. Especially IC. I like IC.
Time to dust off my warlock to 'pretend'.
Here's a transcript to tonight's sermon. Thanks to everyone who came out! I had fun! Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in two weeks!


My fondest welcomes to you all. I thank you this evening for your time.

I would like to, before I begin, introduce myself to you. Some of you I have already had the pleasure of meeting or working with. To those who do not know me, I am Sanari Shadowtear once of Deathknell, where I was formally taught the lessons I wish to impart unto you.

It is not my intention this night to try and persuade all you gathered into my frame of mind, but to educate and inform those with a desire to understand. It is no secret that the Forgotten Shadow holds many interpretations of what the Shadows desire from priest to priest, but there are two universal truths laid down from which we all agree.

The first Truth is ourselves. All people have a part within the universe and a say within the immediate universe around them. It is through ourselves and our own will that we shape it to however we may see it fit should we have the power and the control to do so. The Forgotten Shadow teaches the ways wherein we may secure such control and power and thus harness the universe around ourselves. These teachings are the second Truth and perhaps the most sacred of our beliefs; the tenets.

Those who have prior experiences with the faith would know of these tenets, but for the sake of those new to these ideals they are Respect, Tenacity and Power. Laid down by the first priests, these three tenets are the building blocks to the concept often termed 'Divine Humanism' by my peers, which I touched on previously.

Respect is to be given not only to others, who exert their own control over their immediate selves, but to the self as well. You, like every other thing is an extension of the Shadow and of its will. As such the self must be owed the same respect one would lend to the Shadow. Proper respect must also be given to the power others wield, for they have striven long and hard for their control. It also must be given to the power you yourself have or wish to harness within yourself. A lack of this respect will earn only the ire of the powers around you and ultimately lead to the destruction of self.

The second tenet, Tenacity is viewed with great reverence. When we, the Forsaken, were enslaved to the bonds of the Lich King it was not but our own wills that tore us free. This great act shaped us and changed the universe around us. It was this unrelenting will that had us see the ends of many that threatened our world to bend it's knee. It is this force of will and this unyielding that is held with great regard within the Forgotten Shadow. It is the driving force of its faithful as the ultimate acquisition of the third tenet is not a path easily and quickly tread.

Lastly, I speak, of course, of power. The third yet most important of all the tenets and the result they strive for. It envelopes both personal knowledge and prowess as well as the influence you have over others. Power is the goal that urges us all forward in some sense. The poor seek wealth. The meek seek strength. The lost find meaning. It is, simply put, the furthering of ones self into preferred circumstances. It is an immensely simple topic to speak of, but difficult to obtain in action without the previous tenets: Respect and Tenacity. Without the will or the respect for your desired goal, you cannot and will not obtain it.

Before I conclude for the evening, I would like to leave you all with a meditation to take you into the rest of your night and into the days to come. Reflect upon yourself and the power your hold over yourself and others. What did you do to obtain it and why? What drove you to better yourself? What drives you now? Think also of the tenets, how do they apply to you? How can you learn from them? One does not have to pay respects to the Sacred Shadow to learn its lessons.

Just a casual reminder that there will be a sermon again this Sunday, April 27th.



....8:00 pm server time at Ruins of Lordaeron w/e.
I'm going to try and attend this on Mal'valen, but there is a chance that my main's guild will be doing a flex raid that night. If that's the case, consider me there in spirit (or maybe I'll swing by as Mal's brother, since he's on a separate account).
Support for sister of Shadowtear.

I just learned that Bold Enterprises is doing a Spring themed party this Sunday. I decided to go ahead and push back the sermon a week.

The new time will be


Same place, just next week!

Hope to see you all there.
The Office of Inquiry under the Church of the Holy Light would love to attend one the these heretical sermons :) Forecast: Fire and Brimstone

Due to a slight family not-so-emergency but kind of important thing I'm going to be booting it to Canada on Monday.

I was tossing around if I should still hold it or not, but I just didn't feel comfortable trying to quickly scramble together the rest of the sermon and blast through it in a rush or w/e.

I'll be hosting it hopefully on the 18th after I've returned.


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