Natural Philosophy of the Holy Light

Moon Guard
A large bundle of letters are sent to the Cathedral, the writer is a "Sir Victor Haladrim". The record of such name shows a young anointed Knight of the Silver Hand. Sir Haladrim had been spending his days serving as a Knight Errant, but he also has a much deeper interest in the Holy Light and its nature, conducting experiments throughout the Eastern Kingdoms. He had spent the last three years travelling Azeroth and beyond, learning the nature of the Light.

My esteemed College of Bishops,
I am a simple man, I do not wish to offend, but these past years I have spent upon studying the Light and its mechanisms in the world around us. I know that my letters may be considered heresy to some of you, but I ask that you take my words with an open mind.

What is the Light?
We all know that the Light exists in accordance to righteousness and virtue, but this did not sate my curiosity, I wished to know the definition of the physical manifestation of the Light. Therefore I conducted several experimentations to determine what exactly is the Light. At first, I hypothesized that the Light itself is a form of energy, this can be explained at the fact that the Light is capable of producing force over a distance, which I'll go into details later. However, what had peculiarly caught my interest was how it moved through the world, the Light is capable of moving in a straight path like an arrow, or to spread itself in all direction like water. This duality is unique solely to the Light and the Light alone. To gain more answers to my questions, I went to Ironforge to discuss these matters with the gnomish scientists, they had stated that to answer this question, they had to know the "minimum amount" of physical energy involved in the interaction of the Light, this "minimum amount" or "quantum" in their language, would allow us to determine whether the Light behaves like a solid object or like water. To understand this experiment, one must understand the fact that all matter around us consists of charged particles that the gnomes had discovered, when these particles are close together, they exhibit a "charge" which leads the "positively charged particle" to be attracted to the "negatively charged particle". Now, two new concepts have to be introduced, first is the "electric field", which is the property of an electrically charged particle, as it seems to generate a "field" from positive to negative. The second concept, the "magnetic field", which is a property that exhibits in a charge which is moving towards a "permanent magnet", hence the name, said charge also has an electric charge as well, thus allowing us to see a connection between the two concepts, when we had graphed these two field components, we noticed that they had oscillated in a fixed relationship to one another... With these fundamental truths of Natural Philosophy, we've begun to understand what Light truly is, it exhibits both electric fields and magnetic fields, and had oscillations in a fixed rate whenever one of my holy spells had been cast in the presence of experimental conditions. We've discovered that the Light exhibited characteristics of BOTH a shooting arrow and a wave of water, and as such it was entirely new to the concept of Energy. In truth, the best description of the Light is that it is a form of radiation created by electromagnetic waves passing through existence, the "quantum" unit would be christened a "photon" by my gnomish compatriots, which we've deduced is capable of behaving as either a wave or a particle, it is the primary "force carrier" within the electromagnetic force. This is what our early experiments have yielded.
The Light's ability to Smite-
In my travels I had righted many wrongs, and had to put many sinners to the sword and to the wrath of the Light. I had often wondered how can the Light kill a man? And so I had experimented with small animals, I had bought several cats and small dogs. Then I would slay the poor creatures with Holy Spells. After they are prepared, I would take several sample from each carcass and then study them over an optic lense. What I've come upon is a startling realization to the Light's TRUE power. It does not "burn" the skin of one's enemies, it does something far more devastating. As the revelation of the Light's true form as electromagnetic radiation was cleared to me. I had noticed that the cells of the animals had been hit with a high enough frequency of radiation to cause unregulated growth in an exponential rate. Normally, this would be benign if it weren't for the fact that the cells are hit in a frequency so high and so spread that the body's natural immune response cannot respond fast enough to cope with the growth of defective cells, and is quickly overrun. The corruption spreads from cells to tissues, to nearby organs, the organs fail leading to a normally painful death. However, the Light had swept through in such intensity and such a degree that the normally prolonged death would be instantaneous, though I cannot imagine it being completely painless. This startling revelation of the awesome power of Light has led me to understand why our predecessors emphasized healing over conquering. As the Light is too dangerous of a weapon to be used frivolously, though it's damage may be devastating it is not irreversible, as it appears that someone who is healthy and strong in body can withstand several holy spells without any averse affect provided they are not exposed to powerful holy spells for a good amount of time. This was proven with my follow up experimentation where I would maim several dogs with the Holy Light, and allow them to recover for months on end. After which I had them put down so I can study their corpses, absolutely no corruption from the Holy Light's radiance.
Many, many more letters are found within the bundle, awaiting to be read.
While real world science being applied to magic in a fantasy universe isn't really my particular taste when it comes to fanon, I really like your character's theories and I wish stuff like this was posted to the form more often. I do think it is a little silly for the Holy Light to essentially be... well, light, as well as offensive Light magics causing super-cancer considering its portrayed properties in game seeming a lot more mystical, but to each their own.
The Light and healing
While it is a well known fact that the Holy Light induces a sense of "healing" to wounded living beings.... To understand this, I once again had to acquire several small animals, this time it was several rats and two piglets. I had a squire beat the small pigs with a stick until several of the creatures' bones were broken. I specifically told the boy to strike at all of the the animals' knees and it's dorsal region with the same level of strength, ensuring that the piglets would have consistent injuries throughout its body. After the beating the swine, we deduced that we had broken both of their femurs, several vertebrae, and both their humerus bones. Needless to say, they were in incredible pain and would be permanently crippled ordinarily. However, we would then cast healing spells upon one of the pigs, needless to say, the animal would behave as if its injuries were gone, squealing and prancing about in glee as it behaved like a normal piglet while his friend was still writhing in pain. We had then cleanly put down both the animals and dissected them to understand the effects of the Light upon an injured person. As it looked from the surface, the healed pig's organs and bones were in perfect working order whereas the injured one would show compound fractures and organ ruptures. Upon closer scrutiny we discovered that the Light was working at its "quantum" level again. We could see that the cells of the Light exposed pig were growing at an unprecedented rate, but unlike the smiting spells as before, the cells were repairing in an ordered and regulated arrangement, rather than chaotically growing into more and more defective cells. The cell's growth and repair would be credited to energy being transferred from the Light's photons into the cell's mitochondrion, speeding up the process of synthesis of a substance known as adenosinetriphosphate or ATP. This molecule is the power source of all living cells, and with photon Light efficiently creating this molecule at a steadily increasing rate, cell division and replication increases at a higher rate as well. Leading to the "healing" phenomenon of the Holy Light. However, for some reason, the Light leads to a higher level of a chemical within the pig's brain, this chemical Serotonin, apparently regulates mood and other neurological factors of living creatures. This may explain the phenomenon of euphoria associated with the Light.
The Light causes cancer, choose Shadow instead.
04/11/2014 06:09 PMPosted by Silaine
The Light causes cancer, choose Shadow instead.

This message is brought to you by the Cult of Forgotten Shadow.
This sounds like heresy.
04/11/2014 06:09 PMPosted by Silaine
The Light causes cancer, choose Shadow instead.

The "Shadow"
In the study of the Light, I became intrigued by that which is crudely called "the Shadow" by the Forsaken and followers of some short-sighted nihilistic philosophy that deserves no mention. What they call and worship as the "Shadow" is by far one of the most destructive powers within existence, and its practitioners jeopardize our very universe by dabbling with it. To understand the destructive power of Shadow, one has to understand the first two of the Three Fundamental Laws of Energy.
1) Energy cannot be created or destroyed, the entire amount of energy within the multi-verse is finite
2) Entropy (disorder) never decreases, all systems where energy flows to create work within the universe lead to a higher and higher state of disorder, entropy
Now that these Laws are revisited, it is time to understand that our multiverse is not a stagnant, perpetual system. Our very universe is constantly expanding at a steady rate, and the energy known as the "Shadow" is the reason why. The vast majority of our Universe is composed of this "Shadow", most natural philosophers estimate about 68% of our universe is this "Shadow", whereas a miniscule 5% of the universe is everything that we can taste, touch, feel, hear, or see. The Shadow's existence is known solely because it influences the force of gravity. In fact, the coloration of Shadow is due to the fact that the caster is manipulating the shadow to directly influence gravity around himself, as in causing the gravity around himself to be so strong that even Light or any other form of energy cannot escape. Ordinarily, this Shadow would exist consistently throughout the universe in a uniform constant state, whenever a Shadow "priest" (and I use that term loosely) casts a spell, they are manipulating the Shadow to force gravity into doing its bidding, namely unmaking whoever they seek to destroy. What is so dangerous about this is the fact that this may further accelerates the entropy of the universe at an astronomical rate. This would lead to the universe collapsing in itself as gravity would grow exponentially stronger, leading to the entire universe to implode into itself, a phenomenon that has been observed by recent astronomers, this phenomenon is called the "black hole". Naturally, I am concerned that this type of destructive power is wielded primarily by undead monstrosities who seek to conquer the northern human territories.

04/11/2014 08:53 PMPosted by Regg
This sounds like heresy.

Sir!!! I am a firm believer of the Light!! All of my research had proven the Light's existence did it not?!
This was a good read!
04/11/2014 09:05 PMPosted by Haladrim

The "Shadow"

Well that was interesting. Thanks for doing a write up. If Sil ever gets to hear about it I hope I can reference it in RP the next time someone asks where or what exactly Shadow magic is.

Also still sounds better than cancer causing magic..
We'd better do something about this guy...

No, but in all seriousness I enjoyed reading these.
Experimentation leads to heresy. Heresy is the conduit of evil. Therefore, we can conclude that heretics must be destroyed. Faith is all that is needed, and such faith justifies the extermination of the Horde!
How would your - Ah - "Research" explain the existence of the Naaru, the ability of the Light to restore some functionality to the Undead, or even how it can resurrect?
Well that was interesting. Thanks for doing a write up. If Sil ever gets to hear about it I hope I can reference it in RP the next time someone asks where or what exactly Shadow magic is.

These letters can be found in the libraries of the Argent Crusade and the Cathedral of Light.... I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to get your hands on a copy of them

Also still sounds better than cancer causing magic..

Let me explain, the Light's offensive capabilities in clearer detail.. The Light's offensive spells are caused when flashes of the highest frequency of Light (known to many as Gamma Rays) which carry tremendous amount of energy with each individual photon, which are small massless quantum units of the Light... When these photons hit any organic matter, they impart tremendous amount of energy into the cells, overloading it and probably killing it, or at the very least severely damaging many parts of the cell.. Usually, the majority of the cells have damage undergone to their genetic information, which would cause cell growth to lead to defect cells... the "cancer" you are referring to.. However, that implies that the energy from the Light's radiation had left enough cells living to undergo repair, which is probably not what the caster is trying to do as he is trying to slay you, not condemn you to a slow but painful death...

04/12/2014 04:17 PMPosted by Regg
Experimentation leads to heresy. Heresy is the conduit of evil. Therefore, we can conclude that heretics must be destroyed. Faith is all that is needed, and such faith justifies the extermination of the Horde!

Sir, I do not go against -ANY- scripture preached within the halls of the Church.. believe me, I checked. I do not seek to question "why", that is a matter for philosophers.. I am interested in the question "how" and the applications it has to the field of academia and theology.

04/12/2014 04:56 PMPosted by Veloran
How would your - Ah - "Research" explain the existence of the Naaru, the ability of the Light to restore some functionality to the Undead, or even how it can resurrect?

I'll get back to you on that as soon as I conduct more experiments
Dear sir,

I am Benegrim Ironbrow, Ordinary of Ironforge. Having received your message, I feel that I should pass on my congratulations on your endeavours in investigating the nature of light- some of these notions are quite inventive, I must say, and would be of much interest to any with an interest in the natural philosophy (though I recall hearing something similar from a gnome I knew once).

In the spirit of charity, however, I feel that I should offer the following correction. The "light" you are studying- the radiance that propagates through fields, diffuses and is focused- is not the Holy Light of the Church, which is primarily a spiritual reality, but mere ordinary light. It is true that the Light's blessings generate radiance- light and heat- but these are what those blessings have in common with ordinary light, and is not what makes those blessings Holy. The Holy Light is that which is worshipped through the signs and wonders. Compared to the living Light itself, from which these blessings come, the Light we wield is a mere mineral radiance.

It has long been known that the accidental qualities of the Light's blessings- healing, radiance, heat, colour, violent force, and so on- can be combined by means other than the spiritual. You may be interested in certain magical experiments by the wizards of Dalaran to that effect. But it is not these combinations of accidents that make a blessing what it is- rather, it is its essence as flowing from the Holy Light- the fount of Creation- that makes it so. You may want to consult the standard manual on sacred philosophy, the Summa Luxologica, for more details.

There is a further worry I have, this one to the spirit of your inquiry. The spirit of your inquiry is reductive and mechanical, and may cause you to ignore the higher reality before you. For instance, when you consider the feeling of joy that comes from communion in the Light, the most important feature for the purposes of your inquiry is that it corresponds with the release of a natural drug in the brain. This it may be, but that is not the *reason* for the holy euphoria in the proper sense- for the joy, considered solely as generated by drugs in the brain, might in principle be released by any kind of activity. What makes the joy of the Holy Light what it is, as distinct from other joys, is not necesarily its quality-as-felt, (for quality is different for each of us) but its object, the Holy Light itself. Now, it may be that there is some process in us that operates when we channel the Light's blessings that can be described without reference to transcendent reality, but to consider it thus is precisely to lose sight of the spiritual reality those processes signify.

Lastly, I have some reservations about your experimental conclusions: first, as concerns the unnatural corruption you have used holy energy to achieve, and second, as concerns the nature of healing. Tumorous growth is a feature of the Shadow, for the Holy Light is a principle of creation, order and perfection, while the Shadow is the principle of lack, chaos and corruption. While certainly the Light has destructive power, it is the overwhelming testimony of experience that it shatters bone and sears flesh with the force of its power, and does not operate through corruption of order. Given that the Light's power is sensitive to one's spiritual condition, the experimental conditions might well corrupt your results. The Light, after all, is meant to be used in the pursuit of justice. That your use of holy energy in inflicting gratuitous suffering (if only on brutes) has led to corruption implies a disorder in your handling of the Light. It is something to be borne in mind for future investigations.

On the nature of healing- I do not pretend to understand the alchemy you refer to, but the Holy Light does more than provide fuel for the body to heal itself. While certainly some degree of material power is entailed by blessings, it is the unique power of creation according to the higher Form of the body that enables the unique quality of "flash-healing" for which the Light is known, and which has astonished druids the world over. I wish you luck in your future experimentations, but caution you always to remember your first principles, lest you be led from the path of wisdom.

Yours in scholarship,

Fr. Benegrim Ironbrow.

((That was a fun read, so I couldn't help but post an IC response. The Summa Luxologica is an actual player-written "book" we Clergy use, and can be found here:
To Fr. Benegrim Ironbrow, Ordinary of Ironforge, etc.
Firstly, I want to say thank you for responding to my messages to the Cathedral. I want to first say that I am a faithful believer of the Light and am in no way attempting to challenge my own faith. I am merely attempting to understand how the Light works and operates in the natural world. Now onto your greivances.

I do not understand the deviation between "ordinary" light and the Holy Light. While it is true that the Holy Light has spiritual properties, its behavior in the physical world follows the same laws and patterns as what you are calling "ordinary" light. I will not argue the Truth with you for I know that you are wellversed in it, but my research is to determine the patterns and behaviors of the Light as it interacts in our world, not the spiritual one, as I am sure that is the job of the philosophers and saints.

While I appreciate your worry about my research's mechanical nature, I feek that I must remind you that the point of natural philosophy is to understand the mechanics of how our world works, the higher truth belongs in a different lecture alltogether. As for my research on seratonin and the effects of the Light's radiation on living matter, need I remind you that we mortals are not perfect, ever stagnant entities. We wither, die, and are constantly changing as we capitulate through space and time. Therefore, it makes only sense that if the Light interacts with us to a higher degree of energy (or frequency as I pointed out) that it will harm us because of the nature of our natural imperfection as living creatures. We are not gods my friend, the Light's grace allows us to wield its energy, but too much energy will end you, no matter the source.

As for the nature of healing, I am here to say that there is no force within the multi-verse that does not "merely" provide fuel for the body to heal itself. (again, as you put it, not me). All wounds and sickness are remedied through the repair of our tissue, which requires growth of more cells to repair said tissue or to fight off the infection. That is the basis of all healing, natural or mystical. The Light allows us to heal our wounds and ward off infestation because it accelerates this process when it hits our bodies in the right frequency. However, unlike the spells of druids, the Light's healing is by far the fastest because of another principle I found, that the Light operates at a constant speed within our universe. Though it is constant, it is about 3,000,000,000 metres per second, and therefore it is capable of acting quickly and almost instantaneously to our imperfect mortal eyes.

While I understand your worries, let me assure you that my experiments do not contradict the Light in any way, as I am a man of the Light aswell. However, if the Light exists in our world it must exhibit some patterns for many of our order to be able to call upon its powers so uniformly. This is what I am yearning to discover.

Yours in Scholarship,
Sir Victor Haladrim, Knight of the Silver Hand
The Naaru-
Upon the arrival of the Draenei to our world, they brought with them the existence of some of the most interesting beings within the multi-verse. The Naaru, the Dreanei call them Beings of Light, and upon seeing several of them in the Exodar and Shattrath city, I believe them. Their bodies appear to be made of crystalline shards with a central heart. The Light apparently seems to refract from the crystals, making up the "body" of the being. The Central Heart on the otherhand, is by far one of the most extraordinary objects within the multi-verse. It apparently is the only thing in existence that is a "perfect crystal" and as such has completely no disorder (entropy). However, this would require the crystal heart to be at absolute zero degrees, where no molecule inside of it would be capable of moving. However, as the Naaru exist within our world, that the Temperature of their surroundings will not be zero, so there had to be another reason they had no entropy within their system. I then realized this from this equation
Pressure =K constant for the Crystal
The K constant for the Crystal would be exactly 0.000000000000000000000000000 and continuing onto infinity in that direction. As such, the Naaru are somehow capable of producing an almost perfect 0 ammount of Pressure around themselves to make up for the Temperature. This process does not make any sense to me, as the Naaru are from a different dimension of space and time and are probably not subjected to the same laws as us. This would explain the perfect immortality of their crystalline bodies. They also appear to have a phototrophic relationship with the Light, as they seem to take in vast ammounts of high frequency Light into their crystalline bodies, which is reflected and defracted throughout their entire body, making up the bulk of their anatomy. They are indeed beings of Light
The Light and Ressurection
To understand the phenomenon of the Light bringing the dead back to life, one has to understand the concept of death itself. Death is when all biological functions of a living creature cease, in terms of medicine however, death is defined when breathing and circulation of blood cease. This is due to the fact that once circulation of oxygen has been halted, the cells of the body are starved and results in ischemic injury throughout the entire body. However, the Light CAN save someone in this state, if a large quantity of Light set at the right frequency to restore the circulatory system fast enough, you can save someone from death. However it has to follow several conditions:

1) A large quantity of Light particles at a healing frequency would have to be generated. Even though the Light travels at 3*10 to the ninth power m/s, it requires an enormous amount of photons with enough energy to power the remaining cells to replicate enough so that the body can be returned to a non-critical state. Unlike the Light's ability to heal wounds rather quickly or "flash healing" which usually is done due to the fact that the Light moves relatively fast and the damage done is not as severe. The ammount of photons needed to save a dying man is exponentially higher, and as such, requires the caster to spend minutes harnassing the sheer untold volume of photons rather than the seconds it takes for simple healing.

2) You have a very small window of opportunity. As stated, when blood stops circulating within the body, it causes ischemic damage to the body, where cells start breaking down into simpler matter because of the lack of oxygen. For the majority of the body, this would not be a problem as the body would be able to repair the damage with the Light augmented cellular repair. However, the brain and spinal cord are incapable of repairing any damage that they go through, as such, if enough time is passed and enough nuerons die from ischemic damage, it would be impossible to ressurect the unfortunate person. That is why there is usually a 5-6 minute window of time where the spell can be casted successfully.

3) You can only save someone who's dying of clinical death. Though the Light is capable of saving life, the spell of redemption only works on someone who is suffering from the inability to circulate oxygen. In such, it is successful on people who are suffering from trauma of injuries or rapid illness. As the vast majority of people that are ressurected are done so because they had been killed by an enemy or an injury, or an illness, it is easy to forget that this power has limitations. For instance, if someone is dying of old age, where their body cannot cope with the sheer stress of circulating oxygen due to the fact that their cell's genetic material has undergone deterioration over time and cannot produce enough viable cells as when they were younger then the Light's power of ressurection cannot help them. The Light can only aid your body, but it cannot make something out of nothing, there is no force in the multi-verse capable of that.
The Undead
To understand the relationship about the Light and Undeath. One has to understand the cause of the state that we call "undeath" in the first place. It is first thought that the first necromancy had originated from the Dreadlords, as the night elves have accounts of these demons turning their fallen into undead thralls, it wasn't until the First War that modern necromancy had developed by the hands of the lackeys of the Orcish warlock Gul'dan. There are several different principles through with undeath operates, it involves reanimating a corpse with arcane energy. This crude process merely involves sending arcane impulses throughout the galvanize it into moving. That is why the majority of undead thralls are nonsentient, mechanical, and immune to mental attacks and compulsions. They can only move and act because an arcane energy wave pulses near them (or relatively far depending on how strong and widespread the energy wave created by an incredibly powerful necromancer is). As such, there are only two known ways to destroy an undead thrall, to either disrupt the AE (arcane energy) waves that are galvanizing the thrall as in the case of the Light, which acts as electromagnetic radiation and does an excellent job at disrupting the AE waves of the necromancer, or to simply hack the thrall's corpse into unuseable bits. However, this only applies to simple undead like ghouls, skeletons, and wights.

Modern necromancy was developed by a hack mage known as Kel'thuzad with help from a psuedo-omnipotent being known as the Lich King. Rather than just using arcane magicks to galvanize and control corpses, Kel'thuzad used a somewhat different approach. He had genetically engineered a biological plague through coding the right sequencing traits of a certain species of fungi spores. These spores would then find their way into living organisms, and soon begin to infect the host cells, parasitingly living on the unknown living organism until it is activated, the infected organism soon has the majority of its organ systems shut down, as the spores congregate in the organism's brain, it begins to infect the organism's frontal lobe, severing connections with the organism's body, and begins to recieve AE waves from a source to carry out its orders. This allowed the Scourge to not only to spread through human and animal populations, but also be able to control trees, grass, and plant life aswell. Thus explaining why the Lich King and his chief champions had a seeming "omnipotence" in the Plaguelands. As they were sources of AE waves to control every once living organism within the region. The destruction of several important brain matter functions also led to these undead organisms growing apathetic or even joyful to the idea of slaughtering their friends and families. An idea is that the infected brain immediately shuts down the centers of the brain responsible for super-ego and ego. Leading to these undead to usually act on primitive impulses, mostly aggresive. Though they are mostly kept in check with AE wave currents that control them. As the principle for most sentient undead is to not be directly controlled by the AE waves, but to have their brains act as "recieving towers" for these AE waves, which explains why they're still affected by the offensive power of the Light.

Finally, the case of the Forsaken, even though they are seemingly undead, they seem to have been originally created when Illidan had used the Skull of Gul'dan to disrupt the Lich King's AE waves in Icecrown, leading to a good number of Scourge undead to become "free" of his grasp, including Sylvannis Whisperwind. However, the most likely conclusion to this is that apparently many of Lordaeron's people had a resistance to the original fungi species that Kel'thuzad had used to create his AE powered Plague, this resistance was probably caused by a genetic mutation. Even though Kel'thuzad's plague had killed them and transformed them into undead monstrosities because of the fact that the engineered plague was created specifically to bypass natural barriers due to use of the AE waves. When Ner'zhul's AE waves had been disrupted by Illidan's attack, these people with the natural resistance were able to regain whatever was left of their "sanity". As such, they are much more "living-like" than the original thralls of necromancy, their bodies no longer require oxygen or nourishment, though they can still consume matter for the sake of breaking it down and rebuilding their bodies, they no longer feel pain or tire, the original brain damage of their corruption had caused them to usually be driven by primal urges of anger or hatred, but since they have the genetic immunity to AE waves, they can operate without it, the Light cannot slay them as efficiently as a more traditional undead.

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