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As the title states, we are indeed the largest heroic raiding community on Mal'Ganis. We have over 400 individual players, five heroic raid teams, a flex team, we have it all!
Free bump for the work this guild puts in!
:D Thank you!
We also provide food, flasks, and enchants to our raiders.
We have a very active multi-platform gaming forum as well, you'll be able to play with guild mates!
We're pretty big, getting close to 500 individual players.
We have five heroic teams, several flex teams, and we just got a hot tub.
Seraph has open recruitment for Raid 1 and 5, take your chances and see if you gain access to our special community of friends, family, and step-siblings you never wanted!
Also, we do take applications for our flex team (just as a formality, not really to evaluate you.) How do you do this? Go to our website, sign up, and in the title of your application, put the word Flex Team after your name and ilvl. We are a mature guild, so only 18+ may apply, unless you have a referral from a friend within.
I heard there was a taco bar on Thurdays!
We have a chili cook-off every month as well!
Pop a recruitment thread, i'm sweatin'
Done for the night, i'll be on tomorrow to some new recruits hopefully!
Every week Seraph kills 49 unique heroic bosses, excluding alt runs. Quite the statistic, imo.
I didn't even know about that stat. All the more reason to join Seraph!
Heroic Paragons down tonight! Still recruiting, come work on heroic garrosh!
Info updated!

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