60s Thread #195 Red isn't rockin the Nine Set

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T3 just won't appear on the BMAH for me >.<

Also, would love to exchange some runs! Dadspancakes#1520
Coincidence or not, I always find the best day to try for rare drops to be Sundays or Monday nights, never on Tuesday right after maintenance. Can't tell you how many eyes/bindings/rare mounts I've had drop with only hours left before weekly resets.
I will be posting a teaser to my upcoming video, Kroryyk: Terror Absolute (remade) soon.
nice guild
jk ur guild sucks
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
I miss reading the 60s threads
I miss having to run AQ40 every Tuesday in the vain hope that C'thunt will drop the Scepter ...oh wait, guess I'll be going again next week. :(

16 so far, and not even that silly offhand from Sartura.

Maybe Neffy will be forgiving and lend me his mace tomorrow.
Damn, that sucks. Scepter was the last thing to drop for me too. Though I think I got it in 10 thankfully..

I never did get Angelista's Charm to drop though...
Any1 up for a BG. Im queued.
I never did get Angelista's Charm to drop though...

Literally drops every time for me.
Still dead I see
We don't seem to have a problem getting 4-5 alliance together for Exp/On on any given day ...but I don't know about the horde.

I'm sure if there were some horde about, we could scrounge up a few more for Exp/Off
06/19/2014 07:48 PMPosted by Deadoncemore

Literally drops every time for me.

Had it drop once when I ran someone else through, had to laugh because I knew that was going to happen.
Well I can queue horde. If anything gets set up.
Are there any 60 guilds on Tichondrius Alliance? Thinking of converting this toon to a 60.
hey this threads not so dead right now

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