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Sup all. So the question is, if I didn't buy a preorder of WoD would I still get a boost to 90, say, if I bought the expac once it had been released.

This isn't about when I be able to get the boost, it's whether I could get it at all, or do only people who bought the pre-order get the boost?

Hope that makes sense :x
I honestly would think so, judging from wording on the WoD page.
Okay thanks! I was reading it over for ages and I thought it wasn't super clear tbh.
Yes, a 90 boost will come in the box too.
when you buy the expansion you'll get one character boost credit, be if from the pre order or later on when retail copies hit the store shelves and digital purchases are available
That's great, thanks :)
I gotta disagree since it says with preorder and they are selling boosts even says with preorder a $30 value
the whole selling point of the pre-order seems to be the boost. I cant help but think only preorders get a boost.

I could be wrong because I don't know for sure, but ...
The whole point of the pre-order is to get the boost early. The boost will be included at release as well.
I think we mis-understood Blizzard and we thought it ment one free 90 after launch but you have to pre-order WoD to get a free 90.

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