Anyone having issues with nationVoice Vent ?

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I am using NationVoice for my Vent server and it seems a few of us are experiencing a problem with our servers. When we are attempting to log in we get this message :

This server has been remotely disabled.

This license has been suspended. Hosting company has not paid their license fee.

I have checked my account status and it says ACTIVE and server STATUS ONLINE.

Anyone else with that same problem ? I have posted a ticket and as usual not replies so far.. I am getting vewy vewy far from being quiet roght now.... Please let us know if you are having the same problem thank you.
It means that NationVoice hasn't paid their licensing fee with Ventrilo to monetize the sale of server hosting. You'd need to contact NationVoice to see when they're going to update their license.
If that is so, they just lost a costumer. I paid in full and I expect to be able to use my server at any time. If they cant pay their own fees its not my business. They cut me off pretty quick when I had to change my credit card infos.

It should be transparent to us. In no way shape or form we should be victims of an irresponsible administrator.

So long NV I am gone for good.

Thanks for the post and comment. But I am now done with this low class provider.
Having the same problem and like you, I am very angry.
I have a buddy whose Vent server ran into this same issue with a lifetime license. Several of us were rather confused when the server inexplicably stopped working, although I'm sure this is related. I have a hunch that he's using NationVoice as well, but I'm not sure off of the top of my head.

It sounds like this is far more widespread than initially expected. It sounds as if it's a centralized issue with Ventrilo itself. The only Vent server I was able to connect to was (fortunately) my guild's. Every other one that I use seems to be down.

This is yet another reason that I'd love to see something free and open source (like Mumble!) become the mainstream solution. Licensing issues can be a pain.
Thank you all for the replies. Especially from a Blizz Tech Support . I will check it with NV to see what happened. IF it is out of their power.. I will understand. Otherwise .. I will have to find a reliable provider.
Well, posted a ticket 4 hours ago and still no news whatsoever from NV.... Not even a mail, a post on their website. Are any of you guys know what is going on ? I heard some other proriders are ahving same issues, anyone could confirm this ? Thanks
I posted a high priority ticket last night (12 hours ago and counting) and as of this morning, my vent server is still disabled and the ticket has not been answered. If this isn't Ventrilo itself, I'll be joining the queue of ppl leaving Nationvoice because this is totally unacceptable.

BTW: Kodiack - who hosts your guild's Vent...if they were the only ones still up, color me interested.
We are having the same problem. Right in the middle of a raid our vent quit, saying their licensing fee hasn't been paid. I submitted a ticked about 16 hours ago, and as others have said, no reply. I tried to phone NationVoice, and it directed me to a voicemail - no surprise.

I'm really upset since I paid for the entire year just last month. What's more upsetting though is that our guildies and raiding guests have gotten used to having a place to connect, and now its gone :(.
Go go mumble!

Seriously though our guild uses mumble and I've never missed vent.

Plus you don't have to deal with the issue Mac users have with vent sometimes.

Sorry for your troubles though.
I also use NationVoice and I'm having the same problems. Up until yesterday I have been pretty pleased with them. Server was always up, almost never had to restart it. Then yesterday we started getting that same error message.

I Tried to call their support line during normal hours and it goes straight to voicemail. The chat live now feature pops open a window that immediately closes. No notice via email and nothing on their website about the issue last I checked. And they are not listed on Ventrilo's site as hosts anymore. Finally resorted to opening a ticket last night that hasn't been assigned yet.

Unfortunately I have (had ? ) a lifetime server with them. All I can do is hope they get their mess straightened out soon!
I use typefrag for a friends and family ventrilo. It's still up and running. Just thought I'd put that out there for those that may need to find a new host site. Prices are reasonable and I've not had a problem with them for the last 5 years I've been using them.
I submitted a ticked about 16 hours ago, and as others have said, no reply. I'm really upset since I paid for the entire year just last month.
Same here.

I don't remember if it was there when I signed up, but their facebook account is gone now. Hopefully this isn't more serious than someone forgetting something.
Well, I wouldve thought we would have some news since last night, I posted a ticket (14 hours + so far and no news, no mail, no post on their webpage, nada. I was semi pleased with them, costumer service is not what I would call A1. I have been working in the costumer service for years 20+ and I have to say I would not give that kind of service to my clientele. Lack of information to us, their money providing costumer is totally unprofessional. Apparently Facebook page is gone, no post on Twitter for a month +, lots of complains on the forums of web hosting and so on. Looks like we are dealing with a company that has simply died... or just plain dont care about his obligation. Time to move on I guess.... I always used Ventrilo not going to change anytime soon, Apparently NationVoice has lost their license due to controversy on how they ran their business. Fraudulent credit card charges and so on, some of theese information date form 2006 to 2012. Anywho ... time to get a new provider.
I liked Vent, but after using Mumble I can't go back. Command Channel ( is a nice little company. Quick response to tickets, too.

Best wishes to you all stuck in this limbo, regardless of what product you decide to move to.
04/18/2014 10:22 PMPosted by Kodiack
This is yet another reason that I'd love to see something free and open source (like Mumble!) become the mainstream solution.

My guild uses Dolby Axon which is free.

Fairly simple to set up.
Sounds like they are having issues. I was browsing around and is offering 50% to any customers that got screwed over by Nation Voice. Seems like a pretty good deal. They gave me the coupon code of NV50 to use when ordering.
For any of you that use Nationvoice (me included sadly) go and check your credit cards, or Paypal or whatever you used to pay for this stuff. Today I was checking my credit card and Nationvoice charged me twice in two days AND the second charge was ten times what my subscription costs AND they did not send me an email receipt for the second charge.

So, as far as I'm concerned, Nationvoice is dead to me and since their website won't let you delete credit card info, make sure to keep an eye on your bank accounts.
I suscribed to TypeFrag this very morning. NV can go to hell. I will open a dispute with my credit card carrier and make sure I get my money back. If you cant run a business properly just dont do it. The CEO of NationVoice who lives in NewJersey is lucky I am far from him .. he would otherwise see me from upclose if I lived closer you have my words on that.

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