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What are the best, funniest, most clever guild names you ever saw in WoW?

I liked a lot of them, too many to mention. But to give you one example: <Bros before MMOs>
this 1.....
Pretty Pink Prancing Ponies


Drunkards of Darnassus
Greymane used to have WÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀÀ give or take a few Às
<AFK Homework>
<A wild pvper appears>
You No Take Candle

She Gave Me Plagues

The Red Shirts

Haven't seen much in the way of amusing or creative guild names. Everything is 'Death' this, and 'Chaos' that. Maybe a 'Vengeance' here and there...
I was once in a raiding guild called Gnomeland Security
I'm bias, but my guild name is the best guild game because Charmed.

Rage Quit

Jesus Was Soulstoned
<gravity hates you>
This is a guild I created during wrath I believe. I abandoned it and my lonely character after I got to level 50. I kept it because.
Old guild it dissolved, called Gates of Hell.
I can remember one about 3-4 years ago, it was all Gnomes, the guild was named "Mighty Tykes".

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