Druid keybinds for PvP

Just had a quick question about key bindings as a druid. I wanted to know basically as boomkin or feral where do you bind your forms? Are there addons for this? Or macros? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
use the add-on 'bartender" you can map the buttons any why you like (which is the most important thing)
Ya I use an addon similar called Dominos but I was curious if anyone had a specific place to their mouse or keyboard they bound them.
I use the F1 - F5 keys for my forms but using the scroll wheel on your mouse works quite well. It all depends on what's easy for you to reach.
i use a g13 key pad, which is basically half a keyboard, 22 main buttons and a few extras. Bartender ( or dominos) allows me to see all of the buttons at once, in the layout i have them on my keyboard. I can see what ability is on CD right on the key location. The same can be done with a regular keyboard in any orientation you might like.

One set of 12 buttons are rotated between caster, feral or bear form, the rest are static.

in cat & bear forms i have the CC button on the top row, caster switches in a few of the buttons to heal buttons
the main row is the various attacks
the third row of five holds the forms
and the bottom row of three has a macro for self HT, trinket and shift macro

All the long cold downs and lesser used buttons are on a thumb-shift, again, done with the add-on. no use of alt or control. The mouse only has movement, jump and a select next target button. if i can't fit in in 44 buttons, it too much.

My other toons follow the same format, IE any interrupt is in the same location as skull bash is on my feral.

most of this is personal preference, do what make since to you and stick with it until you don;t have to think about it.
Ya i use the g13 keypad also. Love it.
I use the Razer Naga and I have alt configured to one of the thumb buttons, my "non important" forms are alt + 1, alt + 2, ect. I've recently switched my Boomy/Feral forms to mouse wheel down though.
I use a lot of funky macros to allow me to play both resto and feral/guardian with the same macros, e.g.:

/cast [stealth] Pounce
/cast [nostealth] Ravage!
/cast [stance:1/3,nostealth] Mangle
/cast [spec:2,@mouseover,help] Lifebloom
/cast [spec:2,nostealth,nostance:1] Lifebloom

I can swap specs and use the same macros, which is important given limited macro space.
I use

Ctrl+Tab = travel, aquatic, or flight form (macro)
Ctrl+1 = Cat Form
Ctrl+2 = Bear form
F1 = cancelform
On my naga epic, 2 is powershift cat and 3 is powershift bear. super fast switching out of roots, makes me happy. And then i have my wild charge/healer intercept macro on 4 which doubles as a cancel form if i press it once.
you do realize that you can combine powershift for all forms into 1 macro right?

and therefore you wouldn't need one for cat and one for bear
The g13, and many other gaming keyboards, will allow you to set button for auto smash. Meaning that they will repeat a command every .25 sec (or whatever you set the interval) for as long as you hold the button down. No more hitting a button a fast as I can! I've set my melee attacks to auto smash so I can keep in motion and still not worry about mis-timing an attack. The multiple factors that limit when a hit will land, range, GCD etc caused me to miss more often than I thought I should. Prior to this adjustment my highest attack on Recount was my auto attacks. Now it's more often Rip, as it should be.

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