Best lock PVP spec!

What is the best PvP spec ATM.. I haven't played in a few months. I was Destro in pvp and Aff PVE.

I prefer Destro in PvP but keep hearing that demo is good. I would like some opinions and links to build

thanks guys
The best PVP spec at the moment (considering there are no arenas) would have to be between Destruction and Demonology. Both have huge burst, and demonology has insane control.

If you prefer destruction, I wouldn't fret, and keep using it. I don't know specific PVP builds for destruction, but with the new trees they generally aren't hard to come up with.

For demonology, I am running with a pretty standard PVP build. Just look at my profile.

Good luck!
Get good at destro, and it's going to serve you well. I assure you. Destroy healers while bursting them in between Shadowfury/DC/Spell lock. Kill baddies in 2 global cooldowns.

Or demonology, pop your cooldowns to become God. *#@# the melee. Unfortunately, I see a many nerfs heading towards this spec.
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demo does excellent against melee with things like immo aura and hellfire but destro is a good spec against casters. Aff, i cant comment on i didnt play it since the 4.0 patch hit. But from all the complaints here you can see its not as good atm.

Affliction is quite powerful if played with the succubus and semi-drakedog-esque, at least in my experience.
What pet is being used as destro pvp now?

Also, mastery good for destro?
I've seen almost every pet be viable for destruction. Somewhere in the Pyrilus thread I saw him mention that he is quite fond of using the imp.

Mastery is definitely good for destruction, but stats are a lot about balance. You need enough haste to allow you to get casts off without being very easily interrupted or LOS'd, but mastery certainly is very beneficial.
12/05/2010 7:29 PMPosted by Salak
i see alot of aff locks running around with vw and some use succubus. Felhunter doesnt seem to be popular anymore. But me being demo all i really use is felguard. Honestly i think aff deserves its own class now :P

I WOULD use my felhunter if it didn't have a 15 day summoning stun debuff on it. Does anyone know how to fix this?
I have been Affliction for a long time now and am still pretty content with it. In PvP I still think the Felhunter is the way to go. At for Dest or Aff, obviously not for Demo.
Felhunters are great for fight the casters, just make sure you macro Spell Lock and Devour Magic.
It seems the that all three specs work well in PvP, especially if you use Fear often, take advantage of Demonic Circle (especially against melee) and keep your Felhunter on Passive and use his abilities.
Imps for PvP? Well, they just seem to easy to eliminate to me. Succubus I can see as an alternative for sure, matter of fact, I plan on trying to use it more in PvP. VW? Seriously? For what? Sacrifice? IMO, if you use a VW for Sacrifice you are already playing too defensively and not focusing on destroying your opponent.
I JUST started playing again, I'm an affliction player at heart and I must say....I'm loving alot of these new changes. All in all we have gained a good amount of survival so we don't have to spec into a spec, you can choose based on your playstyle now. With Resil being a Base Armor and up to 40% ish, it's nice.

I think Felhunter isn't as popular becuase the ability to devour self ws taken away, learned that hard way. /cry
I still roll felhunter though, I'd preffer to lock down a caster more often and I guess the Int buff is nice.

Affliction we can fully dot a target, COE and basically do my favorite tactic which is allowing me to effectively run from rogues and beat them, Run Like a B*****. The Soul Swap Glythed is a weak instant damage spell, but good to spread some love, UA feels like it got a nerf stick for dispells, and fear is 300% useless as a means to cc anyone who has damage on them, basically 1 tick breaks. All that being said, I've found affliciton very enjoyable in PVP, I find I have more controll than ever and while the lifegain has been kinda nerfed, it still makes a Huge difference and can allow you to remain topped off and/or stand and fight for a long time, especially when spreading the love.

Sadly Affliction does lack the burst ability unless you get procs, like....a shadowbolt crit into a DC, then Burn a Drain Life. I found a holy pally near impossible to take out in a duel unless I was going to run him out of mana....but after 5 min I got bored. Fear is still a great tool to lay on the dots. Insta Howl is always enjoyable but sadly against a caster dotted up serves more as a spell interupt than anything.

Overall I'd say there is no best spec for PVP in this current game state, but rather what you enjoy and feel most confortable with. Affliction might be on the low tier though with a lack of BOOM YOU DEAD power, but it does retain the moblity and run like a girl qualities that I've grown to love.
Destro is leagues ahead of Afflic. Demo is a one trick pony gimmick that shouldn't be used in PvP.

But I'll always have a soft spot for Affliction. I made my Lock to play that spec and I intend to ride it until the tree is *completely* dead.
I agree 100% Hylian. My warlock was, is, and will be Aff as my main spec until Blizzard finally hires a couple of apes to come over and pry my hands off the keyboard.
UA all day every day
its just the most rewarding spec
If you are new to pvp orsdont know how. go Demo

If you know how to pvp destro hands down
I undoubtedly think destruction is the way to go for pvp. With the other two specs in mind, destruction throws out way more pressure. Right now with destruction spec in a duel I can beat every other class/spec and have a blast in bgs. When you play a destruction warlock to it's fullest it's a sinister death machine right now. Even with the 12% nurf.
Destruction all the way.

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