Has the Light forsaken me?

I logged in with my prot paladin after a long absence to check out the new changes. I did my best to puzzle out a new talent spec and figure out which abilities I would be relying upon. Then I ran out into the world, mounted, gathered up a bunch of lvl 80 mobs, and proceeded to suck. So my question is, have they completely ruined PVE AoE grinding? Or am I just doing something wrong?

Admittedly, my gear isn't the best. I'm a casual player. I've never done raids or heroics. But that never stopped me from throwing on Blessing of Sanc, Seal of Light, and giving the business to a heaping of enemies all at once, coming out with near full health and mana. I loved how leveling vs. single enemies with a prot spec was tedious and mana inefficient, but that there was this brilliant singularity of talents and abilities that allowed us to level in a totally different manner from most others (except frost mages).

When I try it now, my mana is fine, but my health isn't. Perhaps I'm not getting the healing from Seal of Insight that I used to get from Seal of Light? Or maybe I'm actually taking more damage now that the defense stat is gone? Or some combination of the two?

If there are any prot paladins out there who have successfully done AoE grinding like the good ol' days, I would appreciate your advice on how to get my fun back. Because I'm just not feeling it right now, and I'm thinking of retiring my beloved paladin in favor of rolling up something that I have no preconceived notions about.
Mount up grab a group, Avenger's Shield, Rotate between Hammer of the Righteous and Judgement until get to 3 holy power, pop off Word of Glory, throw in Holy Wrath, and pop Avenger's shield every time it comes off cooldown. (with the right talents that is quite often) Thats how I do it on my pally and its really ez mode.
seal of insight is mana only and you get enough from judgments to not need it. seal of the righteous is going to be your aoe seal and truth for single targets. you are taking more damage due to block changes, you no longer mitigate a value but a percent of incoming damage when you block. so if before every block was 1500 you may have been blocking 100% of the incoming where now you're somewhere between 30 and 60% blocking based on procs.

if your health gets low you now have Word of Glory as an instant heal. it scales based on your holy power. when aoe farming a 3 holy power shield of the righteous probably isn't necessary so spam word of glory to keep your health up when you want to burn your 3 holy power.

AS, HotR, holy wrath are your grinding tools with HotR building your holy power.
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seal of insight is mana only


Seal of Insight does heal you, yes, but not for as much as the old Seal of Light.
Most likely reasons why you're taking more damage:

-Pallies in 4.0 overall lost some baseline survival/durability tools. There's no more JoL or sacred shield. Seal of insight replenishes both health and mana, but overall you are still healing yourself for less than what you could have before

-4.0 also changed the way blocking works (affects warriors too) and it can't reduce a hit to 0 damage anymore

-new prot uses holy power to maintain holy shield. If you aren't using holy power you don't have holy shield up, which means more damage taken

As prot, holy power can be used for the following (it feels like I'm missing something, but I forgot what lol):

-word of glory: a heal, can be used on others but you'll most likely use it on yourself
-ShoR: single target high threat/damage attack
-inquisiton: obtained at level 81, increases holy damage for a period of time (good to use for AE tanking)
Thanks for the replies, all. This definitely helps. I wasn't really using WoG to heal myself, trusting that Seal of Insight and Reckoning would combine forces to do the job as before.

Of course, I'm not sure I like this as much, but I'll give it another try before mothballing the old girl. :)
The biggest thing is probably the change to how block works. Before, block would negate any hits up to X in value. That means low level mobs would do little to no damage to you.

Now, block reduces damage by a percentage, meaning that in theory, you could go into heroic steamvaults and get killed because you were paying more attention to eating your sandwich than to what you were doing...Not that that's ever happened to me or anything...this week...yesterday...

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