Does this scale well at level 85?

It seems that Guarded by the Light or whatever it's called is a source of extra threat. However, this scales with strength, not attack power, so wouldn't that mean that vengence doesn't scale very well at high levels and high levels of gear for prot paladins?

Or is spell power a minimal help anymore?
This is a question I've been asking myself for a while but haven't seen anyone else bring it up. To me it looks like pallys aren't effected by vengence in any way except for shield of the righteous which still does scale off of AP, just not not based on a percent.
I think that Vengeance won't scale as well for paladins as it will for the other classes. We may see some adjustments to it as raid content progresses, but as it is Prot paladins tend to have a pretty solid threat lead anyway.

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