Blizzard, Holy Paladin PvP has been destroyed

I'm sure you've realized that you tipped the scales too far away from us being overpowered and have left us on the trash heap as you buff other classes like Disc priests to beyond god status.

Blessed life and the new Holy Shock are the two main points of concern. 8 Seconds to gain a holy power charge is pointless. WoG will heal for about 5k and if you expect someone with 35k health or in Cata 100k+ to even care remotely about a 5k heal you are mistaken. Perhaps unlimited regeneration is unfair against classes like rogue and other melee but now it is too far the other way. Perhaps make it a 2 or 4 second cooldown at most.

Next is holy shock. You have pandered to the bad PvPers on this forum who complained that holy paladins were unkillable. You failed to realize that the key to stopping a holy paladin effectively is with CC, but nevermind that let's implement a 'fix' that will ruin both PvP AND PvE on a holy paladin. When the only instant heal we have heals for 5k you know there is a problem. It has gotten to the point where, if you aren't in ICC with a 30% buff, you aren't going to waste that GCD every 6 seconds on casting a holy shock, instead case a holy light or divine light and actually accomplish something.

As you can tell I am tired of you designing and altering classes around forum posts claiming classes are 'OP' you need to realize that you are the developers, not the 14 year old druid in furious gear complaining about not being able to kill a full wrathful holy paladin.

PLEASE do not let your destroying of PvP through 'balancing' affect PvE as with the holy shock change, this is a dangerous path, a mistake.
Holy PVP IS NOT destroyed. Blessed Life was making holy paladins op because THEY DID NOT HAVE TO CAST. They didnt have to cast against 1 person and they most certainly didnt have to even up to 4 or 5 players just beating their head in.

As for the change to holy shock, Blizzard doesn't want to it to be the only button you press. And its healing feels pretty right with the change to IoL.

Blizzard gave holy paladins lots of tools for pvp. Use them. Every healing spell has a use depending on the situation.

And by the way, healing spells scale with spell power

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