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Hi I'm Mindtrick! I saw a few other people do this so i figured i'd give it a try. I hope this works.

I have been absent for quite awhile but i'm back now, I'm looking for a guild for Cata, not just any guild, i'm rather particular about who i play with. There are many new faces around that i'm pleased to meet. New friends are always great, but i'm ready to settle down again with a guild.

About me : I'm a seasoned raider, I've raided all content and i'm pretty good at what i do with my spriest, so you wont find me wanting to gear up and then immediately want to switch specs or mains... i'm a one main, many alts type of player, but Mindtrick has been my #1 when she's in a guild. You can always count on me to do my job, bring good dps, raid awareness, and survivability, many times i've saved my raids by either shield/PoM'ing a tank or divine hymning at critical times, or offering a new strat point i realize this isnt too extraordinary but it can make a difference at times.

I have a very strong sense of loyalty, I really, hate leaving guilds, i rarely leave a guild, I want ONE guild that i can love and dedicate my time to, a guild where i can fit in with the people and NOT want to leave, i want to look forward to my people and raids, not dread coming online.

I'm not so much into theorycrafting as i was back in BC or Uld, some of you may have known me then, when i was in some of the bigger guilds, i'm different now, that doesnt mean i'm a bad player, i still forum troll the necessary sites to stay ahead of the curve, it just means that the game has become so easy that i dont need to stress myself to be a good player, and i definitely dont feel the need to talk trash to anyone or whine constantly about this nerf or that... i've been playing a priest since vanilla, i'm pretty much used to the nerfbat :D

I've raided with some pretty amazing guilds, and the only downside i have is the elitism, and lack of social skills that comes with that... I'm afraid i just cant get into putting someone down rather than helping them, I'm a pretty nice person, very easy going, and i always try to have a good time, i have a pretty unique sense of humor too... :) Please don't respond to this if people are going to whine constantly or hate on others. Once in awhile over an upsetting experience is understandable, but its such a downer when people complain about this guild or that player getting something you dont have... i.e. loot, achievements, etc... because you feel that you're a better player or you've killed X boss 30 times and this never dropped but that other guy just got it off his first kill... we've all had our share of things never dropping for us, be happy for your fellow player even if they're not in your guild, its still cool when people can have a good time.
About you: The guild i'm looking for will not struggle to kill content, i'm very used to progression guilds, people will know what they're doing and why. Understanding WHY we dont stand there healing ourselves while a blood beast is beating on us is important... not just the ability to heal through it and the following consequences of such a stupid act...

People will be able to be honest and fess up to a mistake and then it just wont happen again... and if that should happen, no one is going to go nuts and have a freak out in vent. I'm kinda aggressive sensitive, there is no reason for anyone to get aggressive in vent toward another person. This doesnt mean i'm a crybaby i can take some criticism as long as its constructive. Anticipating your team and how they will react is important.

Vent is active during non raid times, I like to hang out and get to know my people. This is very important to me to like the people i raid with, for me it enforces my sense of loyalty, if i feel loyalty to my raid then i'm going to go above and beyond to make sure we're successful. Extra activities like PVP or alt raids are also a plus, I havent been active on Mind for PVP much lately but with rated BGs you can count on me!

The Maturity level must be high, I like to goof off and have fun, but i know the difference between acting like a high-schooler bringing the drama and just being a dork for fun. Sense of humor is important, but racism or sexist remarks dont make me laugh, they make me want to log out and go watch some Futurama or something. I'm too old for highschool. :)

The guild i want to join will have stable leadership that is honest, humble, and able to recognize a bad player that will only loot and scoot, i cant stand being in a guild, gearing soemone up on MY time, and then they leave for whatever reasons, please recognize good players and loyalty to the raid as well as enforce honest leadership, nothing will kill morale faster in a guild than when one of its officers is on a power trip and loot hungry. Bosses should die each week, loot should not be a top priority.

Finally, time is important to me, acceptable raid times are between primetime and end preferably before 1am. Afternoon raids arent an option for me.

I realize this is all TLDR but for those that care and do read it through check my achievement dates and gear if you want, if you think my quirky personality might be a match for your guild lets chat about your guild ingame, I'm usually parked in org on my amani warbear right by the inn watching people pull Gamon :D
bump for a thrall vet comin back

best of luck to ya
Not for nothing but you sound super high maintenance.

Maybe i am, you'll never get to know based on that attitude. Dont shut me down before you get to know what i can do.

Thanks Phrozenn, say hi to me the next time you're bouncing around me at the Inn.
Well, from what I've read <Atonement> might be what you're looking for.

About us:

We're a very new guild, the Charter members being friends of mine who I've been playing with for years. We're skilled raiders, we were all part of a competitive raiding guild in Burning Crusade (most of us still sport the 'Hand of A'dal' title that we earned back then). However, most of us have had to take a back seat during Wrath of the Lich King due to our busy work/family schedules.

The idea for the guild is to provide an environment where folks like us, adults who have jobs/families that take up so much of our time, can raid and progress through end-game content without sacrificing our real lives. We want to create an environment of mature adults where ingame friendships are important.

Because of how close several of us are, having been playing together for years, Vent will be pretty active even when raids aren't going. Most of us are on a first name basis.

As far as leadership goes... I'm it. I've seen a lot of guilds be split because of too many officers. We put quality of quantity, and so we don't expect to be a huge guild, no need for a lot of officers.

So, you want honest leadership... here goes. I can see some areas where we might not be for you. I know you want small, but we're very small at the moment, being so new as a guild. This means that, when we start raiding (aiming for sometime after the New Year, because of the Holidays), it will be a fresh raid team. We're looking for talented people, so that we don't hit a lot of walls, but at the same time we don't expect to be clearing hardmodes early on. Additionally, we don't tolerate drama. The raid team will be expected to maintain certain levels of performance (don't stand in the fire, know the fights, show up prepared, etc.) but at the same time, we won't be kicking people just because they have low DPS (provided we're hitting the DPS benchmarks).

If this sounds like your cup of tea, I invite you to check out our website, http://atonement.wowstead.com. If you like what you see, fill out an app and we'll go from there. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on our website or ingame!
12/05/2010 11:22 AMPosted by Mindtrìck
Thanks Phrozenn, say hi to me the next time you're bouncing around me at the Inn.

will do, hopefully ill see you around today cause its my last day of wow seeing as im taking a break when cata hits

if i dont see you, best of luck
hello mindtrick! if you could email me, id like to talk with you. jp4053232857@gmail.com
Anyone who can post a Looking For Guild post on the realm forums and get virtually nothing but praise HAS to be worth considering. Kudos to you, sir!

For your consideration, I'll give a plug for my guild <Drunken Squirrels>. We're drunk... but we're fuzzy. ;-) www.drunkensquirrels.org/forums

For the sake of keeping this short and to the point, I'll assume that you can look us up on the Armory to see our raiding credentials (we did get Bane titles last week) and I'll just give you a quick and dirty about us.

We are not a new guild. DS has been around since early BC days and most of our members have also been playing since vanilla. We are a 10-man guild by choice and design because we prefer the close-knit environment that it brings. We have an active vent and active forums and it's certainly more than just all WoW all the time. I would clarify us as a medium-sized guild (about 40+ active members) and we've had three raid teams going. Our raid groups typically only run two nights per week (6 hours), but that just means that we are focused and know how to get the job done.

If you're interested or would like to know more, please stop by our forums or talk to an officer in-game. I look forward to talking to you soon.
I did forget to mention that our average member age is probably around 25ish. Personally, I'm 31.
Welcome back Mind :)

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