spec to level in?

Just wanted your thoughts on leveling to 85. I have always been holy, but i do tank from time to time. I have never been Ret, nor will I be at 85, so im wondering what you think would be faster/easier to level as. Holy or prot? Or should i thrown on some crappy DPS gear and ret it up for 5 levels?
Grind as prot so you can get instant ques. Keep Holy as your main spec.
From what i hear, anything but ret is fine for leveling. Prot/holy have more survivabilty for the hard hitting mobs, and damage is more reliable for quick skirmishes
I'm a RET pally and I have no problem leveling at all. It's a good spec, but I do think that when I get my dual spec, I'll tack on Holy.

Go with what feels best for YOU. :) Everyone has different experiences.
I'm going to be leveling prot, but with my ret gear and my sword and shield. I have a lot of fun with it. Especially Sotr critting for a ton!
Level Holy, take Denounce and Blazing Light, use one set of gear to quest/heal, win the game.

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