Why roll a paladin?

I'm asking this same question on the warrior forums(but about warriors, obviously). In Cataclysm, why roll a paladin alt? I'm just wondering why did you guys roll your paladins.
Because I really wanted to play one the last time I played WoW (vanilla) but couldn't because it was boring. Now I can level as a Holy Pally and be really great at questing, dungeons, AND pvp. It's been an absolute ball so far, but this is the first toon I've rolled since vanilla so other classes may be loads better. So far though, with the dps talents in holy, I kill quick, heal well, and I'm pretty hard to take down.
played a lock forever, then in BC saw some pvp videos and it was a warrior who could heal. So i rolled one and love the melee aspect of the game, started to make a DK but too much effort in my pally to re-roll a new toon. and Even more now, otherwise id roll a rouge, or back to my lock.
Once i saw avenging wrath in BC, paladin was my first 70.

*this is my second paladin, which i decided to reroll as one merely cuz i saw Light of dawn lol*

Style is everything
12/05/2010 7:11 PMPosted by Velcat

Style is everything

True Paladin
For me, it was because of s3/t6 in BC. I'm all about how my character looks. And so far I have always loved the way pallies have looked. (I had a 70 pally at one time, before wotlk)

And I've been ret since I started playing WoW. Of course I have had offsets just in case I got bored of Facerolling on my ret spec. The diversity, is amazing, all 3 rolls, and its great at them all.
When I first started playing WoW in vanilla, I started off as a hunter. However, one day, I saw a friend of mine proc a Seal of Command on a mob, and thought to myself "Damn, that is the most badass thing ever". From that day, I've played my paladin as my main.
The RP idea behind this character has been a spell-flinging elven warrior. Blood Elf paladin fit nicely :)

Also, I like being able to do all three of the roles. Whatever my guild needs, I can provide.

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