Noob question - what is a shockadin

I hear a bunch of people referring to shockadin, and I'm guessing it is a hybrid between two of the pally specs, but what exactly is it and how do you spec it?

Sorry for the noob question
In Vanilla, it was a healer that could do burst damage from time to time. They were speced Holy enough to get Holy Shock, and that was what they used to damage. It wasn't so much a "hybrid" healer/dps as it was a healer that could periodically burst dps to help take some particularly dangerous enemy down quickly. ...then go back to healing until the next such instance came up later in the fight or run. Ret, in Vanilla, and Prot too, were really jokes. They were okay during the mid-levels, but above 50 Prot couldn't tank for crap and Ret really did sub-par damage (back then, the "hybrid tax" was more like 30-50% instead of 5-10%)

In BC, there was a (briefly) very powerful Paladin build that functioned in a similar way. If the stars lined up (or even half-way lined up), it could do a sudden burst of damage and take down enemies in PvP who weren't prepared for the sudden explosion of damage. Some people tried it in raids, but it wasn't that viable because, while it could do great burst damage, it couldn't do that great sustained damage. Though, back then, Ret was kind of a joke too. Bliz eventually nerfed the spec so that its damage wasn't really that great and it was gradually abandoned with time.

In Wrath, some people tried to make a new Shockadin spec, but it didn't work. Our spells scaled with AP, and while they also could scale with SP, it was too weak to make it work. Needless to say, Ret could easily do such high damage anyway with fairly little effort, so there was really no point in making a Shockadin spec. Some people tried for PvP (due to Ret being easily kited), but nothing really worked out.

Now going into Cata, Holy has some talents that ALMOST allow it to be a caster dps spec. The problem is, while it can now do somewhat sustained damage, that damage is really rather low. Given, right now, Ret is low too. But Paladin melee abilities tend to scale better than Paladin caster dps abilities. It should be noted, though, that Exorcism and Holy Wrath both now work on anything (used to only work on Undead), and Exorcism is spamable now (no 15 second CD), meaning you could, in theory, spam it like how a Mage would spam Frostbolt/Fireball/Arcane Blast, a Druid Wrath/Starfall, ect.

There are several different views on what a Shockadin is or should be. The original idea was a Paladin who had access to Holy Shock using it for burst dps. This is also the BC idea of the PvP Shockadin.

Some people NOW have the idea of making a Holy spec "caster" that would use Exorcism as his "go-to" spell, punctuated by Holy Shock to do damage and build HP that could be used to trigger Inquisition. It's doubtful that this will scale well with higher levels, and if it does, Bliz will probably nerf it. Note that this is not a Shockadin in the traditional sense, since it would be a dedicated damage dealer (albeit, a range/caster one using Holy damage spells and using HS, the Shockadin trademark.)

A few people want to try making a Holy spec that's a melee/caster hybrid. This is kind of an oddity, though, considering in many ways, Ret already IS a melee/caster hybrid, or has the potential to be (though you'd have to stack a lot of Int to keep up Exo spam and that's nonsensical for Ret.) Such a build is basically a Ret Paladin, but speced Holy so it can use Holy Shock for damage and generating HP. But due to the way the new talent trees work (requires 31 points spent before letting you branch into the other trees), you can't get access to a lot of Ret's throughput talents. These people want access to HS for the Shockadin namesake, but in reality, they really want a melee build (they'd cast HS and Exo from melee range anyway) that has the potential to heal briefly (but moderately effectively) if needed. In this sense, it's more of a melee/healer spec that happens to use HS as part of its rotation. -shrug-

Yeah, so...there ya go. ^_^ Not the most complete history or thorough description, but...
Edit: Damn - forget I bothered! LOL!
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It makes about as much sense as rolling a disc priest to queue as DPS. You can if you really want to, and if you play it right you can do more damage than "real" DPSers with less gear or less skill or less knowledge......but if other factors (gear, skill, fight mechanics, combat ratings, etc.) were similar, a standard DPS spec would definitely do more damage.

It should be noted, here, that Disc WAS originally intended (in Vanilla Beta) to be a DPS spec. The idea was for a "monk" class melee DPS spec (and, indeed, most monk NPCs in the game ARE Priests and use the Disc kit [Flash Heal, PW:S, ect.])

It should also be noted that, even though the player base has asked for it, Bliz has yet to introduce a Holy element dps spec/class into the game. The only two options for one would be Paladins or Priests.

But, it should ALSO be noted that Paladins, at least in the damaging sense, have always been seen as a melee class in both lore and game. The Paladin "Holy Knight" archetype in general, when not healing (and sometimes even when healing), is seen as a melee warrior/defender, not a caster.

In fact, in many fantasy lore settings, Paladins will forgo ranged weapons due to feeling they're dishonorable. This harkens to when King Richard of England (I think I'm remembering this right) was killed after taking a crossbow bolt to the eye during his expedition in the Crusades. The great tragedy, in their eyes, was that a man could be taught to use a crossbow in a matter of minutes, yet be able to easily kill a man who had trained in the sword for years. (Note that archers weren't seen in quite the same light - it took years of training to become truly masterful with a bow or longbow, and so that was seen as "fair". To a point.)

Oh yeah, you'll get a lot of people like the above poster who think that "Holy is for healz!" is the only proper way to discuss Shockadins or the possibility of a Holy spec caster/dps.

In my opinion, this is a pretty narrow minded view and, as it is typically expressed (either "You're stupid, if you're Holy, you heal, not DPS!" or "If you want to DPS, respec to Ret or go play another class!") is neither founded in logical or rational thought.

...but, like I said, Paladins are traditionally seen as melee, and Blizzard seems to think that's what they should be. Though there ARE an oddly large amount of caster dps talents in the Holy tree right now for some reason. Either they just won't stack up (or won't scale well) at 85, or if they somehow do, Bliz will likely nerf them.
Was an old spec in BC where holy paladins would usually forsake a speed boost to holy light, in exchange for a ret talent "sanctity aura" which promoted 10% holy damage increase. By far the most strange talent for ret at the time since they had virtually no holy damage attacks... was still more useful than retribution/devo aura though, which have both stayed the same since >,>

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