Any good warrior comps

in WOTK almost every comp had a warrior in it because of the 50% MS now that is nerfed down to 10% what are good comps a warrior could be in ?>
take war, + strong caster + complementary healer = good war comp.

note: strong caster can be substituted with DK, feral, or even enhancement

would the blue's like it if i started bumping almost 3 year old threads

we are going to find out right now

The blues are going to be indifferent about your bumping this post because everyone knows blues don't exist on the arena forums.
Warriors are really strong right now, and pair well with a lot of different combinations. Pair them up with a Shaman, Pally, or Druid healer and you have a instant viable 2's team. Or almost any DPS. DK/Warrior, Hunter/Warrior, and even Warrior/Warrior are all pretty strong.

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