What are you going to level as in 23 hours?

Holy isn't an option for me purely because I have no holy gear. So it's either going to be prot or ret. After the ret nerfs i'm learning towards prot. Great survivability and decent damage + it better suits my play style. What will you level as?
I've been Ret since 04 and have level'd as ret during every expansion and through classic.

Why stop now?
Yea that's my plan. I'll be prot in PvP gear.
Goblin Mage, herb and alchemy as a profession

I already have a well established Tauren Pally as it is =)
Well, I could see your concerns about the 83-85 mobs and how hard they are but I imagine at that level we will replace all of our gear anyways. By the time i'm 83 I imagine I will have a full set (well hope to have) of mixed green\blue prot gear. Mind you I have pretty terrible gear, so it will be easy to replace.
holy. cause someone has to heal on tich.
Holy because it's fun...and I vendored my non-holy gear quite some time ago (ignoring that tanking chest I'm wearing...*cough*). I'm not eager to dps the fights the first time around, so ret would be out anyway. And one of these days I'll set up my action bars for prot. Maybe.
I'll level as ret unless i take to much dmg then ill switch to my pvp prot spec and stay in dps gear....would be sad if Ret became a 2nd rate leveling spec as well as a 2nd rate BG spec.
All i do is ret.
Unless i get pigeonholed into holy at 85.

Would you buff me? I'd buff me, I'd buff me so hard.
Ret, only cause Im not leveling solo lol.
Prot. I get hit, my wife's Rogue hits things. Worked well 1-80, I see no reason why it won't continue to work well.
Will go holy. Depending on the pvp as I level I'll either runn pvp healing set or just go holy pve and get it done. I'll be holy at 85. I typically only go ret to blow up dailies real quick. Ret is ok. I've been there before in various stages depending on what my gear supports.

Holy isn't bad. It just depends on the server and pvp around questing zones. That may dictate for me.
I'm going to level this guy with his outdated gear from Naxx/Ulduar and see how that goes. He's my origional toon from 5 years ago. If it sucks I'll level an alt to 85.
I've leveled by prot all the way up and i think it was the fastest. I made a alt ret for a brief time and hated it for leveling. Really it's all about how you play the game.
Ill be leveling as prot more than likely unless I can get alot of groups. I am also starting as level 1. The thought of 1-85 is alrdy making me cry alittle inside.
Switching my specs to prot and ret, will level with whatever has the coolest looking weapon / shield at the time. ;)
12/06/2010 10:15 AMPosted by Kyojo
Ill be leveling as prot more than likely unless I can get alot of groups. I am also starting as level 1. The thought of 1-85 is alrdy making me cry alittle inside.

Ouch. I guess the good news is that from lvls 1 through 60 they overall experience needed has been reduced by what, 20%? Then if you have any of the heirlooms that is like running with full rested all the time. That, in theory, make it go pretty fast.

I think 70 to 80 though is going to be a bit difficult since most everyone will be running their mains to 85. So may not have many people in the same bracket to run instances/5 mans with. But there is always honor weekend...
ret for questing and prot for group quest

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