What are you going to level as in 23 hours?

Prot for leveling, holy for dungeons
prot for leveling
prot for dungeons
prot for PvP
i rolled my paladin to be a ret pally, i'll be staying ret until this game is finished. :p
I'll be questing as ret and running dungeons as holy.
Prot. Might try out Ret for a little but i doubt it. Leveled this toon as prot, ill die prot.
Likely prot with DPS gear. I might attempt to stick with Ret to see how it handles the new PvE content, but I've not been impressed with changes to Ret lately.
I started out as Ret back in '05 and I've stuck with it throughout the LOLret days, so I'll continue to stay Ret....unless I feel like switching to my secondary Prot spec :P
i've gone back and forth on it myself.

At this point likely prot... simply because i've been prot since mid-BC (and this pally has been around since 2005 lol) and i'm pretty much used to it now. My autopilot when i'm drunk reverts to my prot hotkeys regardless of spec lol.

So yea, likely prot. Offspec holy if we need a healer in-guild. If not probably offspec ret just for giggles *shrug*
Protection, holy off-spec. Have not touched ret at all on this character, and I have no desire to as well. I'll be keeping the spec at 85 and collecting tanking/healing gear, switching between the two when the need is there.

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