Hammer of Wrath animation

ok i would like to know y blizz thought it was agood idea to REUSE the old red judgement animation for our hammer of wrath
it looks completly out of place all of our attacks are yellow then u have this random red judgement sc#!!@d from a patch that is literaly years old.
why didnt u keep it the way it was? it was fine not to mention unique now it looks stupid everytime i use my hammer of wrath ability i get frustrated with how stupid it looks - y not just change exorcism to the BLUE judgement of wisdom just for old times sakes while ur at it
Erm... you do know that until 4.0, which came out a little over a month ago, we still had Judgment of Justice? Which is a red hammer?

If you want to complain about things that are years old, why not every other paladin spell that has had the same animation for half a decade?
Is that what was happening? I thought something was weird. Why did they use the judgment of justice animation for hammer of wrath? The old animation was fine, and pretty satisfying.
Honestly.... who cares? I mean it happens for a split second so I don't really see the big deal about reusing animation for something that small.
why indeed ? would you be ok with all ur attacks to look like the same thing ? . or maybe you wouldnt really mind if ur armor never appeard on ur character or that your weapon always appeard as a fishing rod no matter what u equiped after all in your opinion it would just be a small thing right.

graphics are a big PART of a video game and posting threads to let the makers no what we think of them helps them make them better

I like it, it reminds me of a hammer version of Garen's Ultimate/ finishing move in LoL.
But this isn't about a fishing pole looking like a sword, it is a complaint about 1 second of reused animation. I am sorry if you feel they don't have something more important to do then redo 1 second of animation that most people don't notice and don't care about. I am sure other classes have animation that was reused, it's practical to use animation that has already been coded.
Another thought about spell effects - How many of them can you really see in endgame content with fire balls, frost bolts, shadow bolts and who knows what else flying in every direction imaginable. Yea they reuse old graphics but what can you do?

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