Where are we getting starter PVP sets?

Are the blue starter PVP sets being bought with honor, or can the be purchased on the Auction House? I heard that they are being crafted. Just curious if I need to go a proffession where I can create them or what the options are.

I've looked up "Starter PVP sets Cataclysm" on google but it's not really giving me the results I want. Can you guys point me in the right direction?
Tailoring, LW, and BS will have crafted blue PvP sets, and will receive upgraded recipes every season. This is an example (mastery/resil cloth bracers, ilvl 339) - http://db.mmo-champion.com/s/75290/fireweave-bracers/. There's a haste/resil version too. It looks like there's a full set: bracers/belt/boots/head/shoulders/chest/pants/gloves, but it doesn't seem to offer a bonus. I didn't see cloaks in the recipe list, but they may exist. They are BoE, so you don't need to be a tailor.

I checked the JC list, and it seems like we're only getting PvE necks and rings. The green ones have random enchants, so it's possible that there is a resil version, but I don't think anyone will want a level 82 piece. They might add PvP jewelry later, like they did in Wrath.

Tol'Barad will also have a few things, including weapons and trinkets.

I was absolutely convinced that there was a blue set purchasable with honor too, but I can't seem to find it on MMO Champion. If you open the link to their S9 gear, you'll see that there is an epic set (the Vicious, ilvl 365) and a blue one (ilvl 352). If you have time, you could dig through their earlier posts, although things may have changed. It's possible that the blue set will have the same itemization as the epic one, just less stats (if you look at the epic set, it has various stats now, rather than one secondary stat in addition to resil).

I don't know if blue accessories will be available via honor; the MMO-Champ list only has the epic ones, and I suspect they might require Conquest points.
Awesome post, thanks for being so helpful.
The most basic is craftable, which is likely where everyone will start. Then after that is the first gladiator set, also blue, which can be purchased with honor. Everything after that will require conquest points.
From a little research after your link I found the starter Holy PVP set. Here's the link.

The Blue starter sets with bonuses are called Bloodthirsty.
That's disappointing that none of the Bloodthirsty sets have Haste in them. :(
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That's disappointing that none of the Bloodthirsty sets have Haste in them. :(

Reforge good sir.

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