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Ok, so I've been getting a lot better at my healing technique but, being new to playing a healer class/spec for my main, there are some things that I can't seem to figure out.

Base Mana - Things like using Judgement with Seal of Insight or Divine Plea restore a percentage of "base mana." I had thought this meant your unbuffed mana pool but, after checking my combat log for how much mana I got when using Judgement with Seal of Insight, the numbers I saw didn't really make sense. So what is base mana?

Spirit - I know that pallies used to be able to restore a portion of mana through crits before but not anymore, bringing me to spirit. How important is spirit? I know it doesn't anywhere near trump the importance of Intellect (which offers spell power, spell crit and more mana) but what kind of regen from spirit should I be looking for when balancing my stats?

Judgement - Since using this appears to be an integral part of maintaining my mana pool when used in unison with Seal of Insight, I've been wondering if this ability follows melee hit rules or spell hit rules. Going back to my quesion on spirit also, since holy pallies get 100% of spirit back as hit rating, would it be in any way ideal to get only enough spirit so that my judgements do not miss?

Any comments or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

Base mana - Base mana is the amount of mana you have before counting things like Intellect from gear, enchants, gems, or buffs. At level 80, you have 4394 base mana, so Judgment proccing Seal of Insight will give right at 659 mana. Thankfully, you don't have to rely on playing with gear, buffs, and math to get your base mana amount - someone has already done it for you:

Note that, of all classes listed, only the paladin chart is complete from 1-80.

Now, if you want to do it quickly in-game, that's not too difficult. All your spells cost a certain percentage of base mana. Crusader Strike, your very first attack, costs 10% of base mana. So, to get your base mana, simply multiply the cost of Crusader Strike by 10.

Now, Blizzard rounds down on their calculations, so you may be off by as much as 9 mana. It will still give you a pretty good idea.

Spirit - Spirit is, hands down, our best mana regeneration stat. With Enlightened Judgments, it also becomes a dps stat, allowing us to completely forego hit rating on our gear. The obvious intention of this talent is to keep our Judgment from missing, since heals can't (unless you're a tauren.)

Spirit interacts with Intellect using a formula nobody has quite mathed out yet. The more Intellect you have, the harder your Spirit works. The more Spirit you have, the more mana you regenerate per point of Intellect. It's generally agreed upon that Spirit from gear should be more than enough in most cases, but anyone who laughs at you for enchanting Spirit on your weapon, or using a Spirit gem to get a juicy socket bonus, is an idiot.

Judgment - Judgment counts as a physical spell on the melee hit table. 8% hit is plenty to keep it from missing. If you don't have quite 8%, don't freak out and regear, either. The only reason I would regear to gain more Spirit, would be to improve my mana regeneration overall (ie, I run out of mana on every boss, and I'm not utterly terrible at healing.)
See my post here for details on spirit regen:

11/18/2010 12:38 PMPosted by Lylthe
Your total regen is 5% of your base mana + the regen due to spirit. 5% of your base mana is active all the time, even in combat. Base mana is 23422 at level 85, and 4394 at 80.

@ lvl 80
SpiritMp5ooc = 5 * (0.001 + Spirit * Sqrt(Intellect) * 0.003345) or:
SpiritMp5ooc = 0.005 + 0.016725 * Spirit * Sqrt(Intellect)
SpiritMp5ic = 0.0025 + 0.0083625 * Spirit * Sqrt(Intellect)

ooc means out of combat
ic means in combat.

See Jantilla's post for everything else.
Thank you for both of those posts - that helped to answer a great number of my questions!

If you have anything more to add, please don't shy away! I appreciate all the help! :)

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