What is Your Guild's Website Address?

Area 52
Hey folks!

I'm compiling a list of guilds on Area 52. This list will be posted on an outside website. If you want your guild to be listed, please leave your guild's website address.

Also, please describe your guild in one sentence for potential applicants.

And, it would help if you let me know the following things:
A - Alliance
H - Horde
PvE - Player vs. Environment (i.e. Blizzard's artificial monsters)
PvP - Player vs. Player
RP - Role-Playing (none, light, medium, heavy)
Casual - not Hardcore (attendance is not mandatory)
Semi-Hardcore - Between Casual and Hardcore
Hardcore - Hardcore (strict attendance is required)
Social - For people who hate playing World of Warcraft in isolation
Leveling - For people leveling characters
Raiding - For people raiding end-game content
Arenas - For people who like PvP Arenas
Battlegrounds - For people who like PvP battlegrounds
All - All of the above


[H] E Pluribus Unum
Semi-Hardcore PvE Raiding (3 nights a week)
EPU has been raiding since vanilla WoW (guild formed on day 1). We have a history of raiding end game content, and still enjoy doing so.
[H] Sable Dawn
Semi-Hardcore (although we do require people to maintain between 90% - 100% attendance) 10 man PvE Raiding
Thursdays and Sundays 9pm EST - 1am EST
Raiding end game content seriously, while maintaining respect for one another.

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