needed buffs

1.magic cleanse - it was most of our utility to start thats gone

2.freedom out of stuns - thought being the only class that could get out of stuns was orginal and not overpowered, every class and spec has something unique, that was ours

3.repantance- still *@*%ing garabage ass lower tier talent in my book, that many points, for that?

4. in my opinon divine storm should award a hp and not be on crusaderstrike cd, everyone notices how we alot of times turn into a autoattackadin waiting on cruasder strike cuz nothing proced, and divine storm doesnt even hit for much but would be nice to throw in our rotation

5. i wanna say a better gap closer - but with the first two suggestions the current one would be fine

what do you guys think we need? cuz ret is a bit off still
I agree that Ret's a bit off still but:

1. Acts of Sacrifice allows you t odispel 1 magic effect if you Cleanse yourself

2. Yeah I'd really like to see this come back. Mages can Blink stuns, I dont see why this got yanked from us.

3. Repent. would be a helluva lot better if it removed dots or something; a 1 min CD that can be instantly broke and dispelled is jank.

4. They should've left DS alone to begin with. Id be happy with that even if it didnt award HoPo. Now its a cleave, shared with our main HoPo gainer, but doesnt give HoPo?

5. Tbh I like the Long Arm, it kinda makes me feel Crusader-ish along with the SFX from Judgements of the Pure :P

In all honesty, I think they should go back and think about what a ret paladin is. Like, I think we should have more talents like Eye for an Eye (but improve it ofc). Ret aura is kinda what Im talking about but thats just a click and forget ability.

1. Something justly deserved; recompense.
2. Something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment.
3. the act of punishing or taking vengeance for wrongdoing, sin, or injury

Something a little along the lines of those definitions. Buffs or something for taking damage. These are just off the top of my head, but thats just my 2c :P
Art of Sacrifice is a cool solution to a spec that shouldn't have strong abilities to use on their party (being dps). Increase damage and the utility a dps spec should have is back.

Most stuns seem to be on a diminishing return now. Perhaps that was the logic in the change.

At least Repentance is better than Sap. Just remember: it could be Sap. Repentance can actually be used in combat. Both abilities are very nice for pvp though. And soloing some content.

And I dumped ret before DS was updated, so no comment.
1. if they added magic to cleanse, it would. remove 1 magic, 1 poison, 1 disease, 1 snare effect. <----We don't want to be unstoppable moving machines.

2. Why cling on to divine storm? it did and does lackluster damage, why must it generate holy power? for soloing old content easier?!?!? it has no uses pvp, how about you spend that time thinking about ur partners instead of "waiting on another button to mash".

3. You don't hafta compare repentance to everybody else i mean that's like saying, WTF DKS can AOE freeze everybody for 10 seconds. Why can't we?!!?!

Would you buff me? I'd buff me, I'd buff me so hard.

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