[A] Cataclysm Instance Grind


A friend of mine and myself are seeking one Healer and two DPS for the initial launch of Cataclysm for a Instance grind all the way up to 85, followed by a Heroic Instance Grind.

Please only reply if you intend to be online as soon as the servers come up at 12:00am PST on the 7th.

Please only reply if you are skilled at your class, have Ventrilo and plan to stay online for the majority, if not all of the initial launch and several days after.

Being extremely well geared isn't required however a great deal of common sense IS required.

We see this as a race to level 85, not one we particularly plan on winning, but as the general mindset of the first few days of the biyearly expansion release.

All persons will be considered, however only three will be picked, obviously.

For any questions please direct your whispers to me in game.

Thanks, Johnnyquid.
Current Group:

Tank - Arrøgant Blood Death Knight
DPS - Johnnyquid Fire Mage
Healer -
Bah. I'm a tank otherwise I'd be interested.

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