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I'm new to the game and am just looking for a laid black guild to join, it'd be cool if you guys had a vent so I could talk there to :D
Hi Lostacorn,

You sound like a good match for us!

We have formed Re-roll guild.We are looking for causal, mature players that enjoy Leveling, PvP, Achievement hunting or socialization. This is a great time to experience a fresh start!

Several established raiders, officers and a GM decided re-rolling would be a good way to make friends on a new server and have fun leveling up in the new Cataclysm content. The GM has experience in leading a guild, so you can feel comfortable knowing that it will be well organized. We plan to have achievement runs, party's, and social events that are in a family friendly environment.

We plan to do a 2 day Cat raiding schedule with the other days for set for older raids.

EST RP Server: Earthen Ring

Faction: Alliance

We are already have vent and website setup.

Please reply back here, in-game or through our website.

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