Cata street release date breakage

I was wondering if anyone ordered their copy of Cata from EB Online and had it delivered already. I've heard that people are being seen around with the Collectors FoS for Lil' Deathwing etc.

EB won't even look into this matter and just gave me the run around as this is akin to them asking for a large fine.

Just trying to think of ways to not waste my time at 7pm and get it before then. Not like it will matter with us only having access at 7pm anyway.
(I could also be a victim of Chinese whispers)

edit: Release date broke. Got it this morning etc etc... go read the rest of the thread :D
I ordered CE from EB a few months back with free shipping, has already been delivered. They told me a few weeks ago that all preorders would be delivered before 7pm tuesday so if you are getting it delivered it should be coming soon.
Ditto, Helaider. Registered the CD Key expecting it to unlock tomorrow, but I received the pet in the mail instantly.

No additional content, of course.
Well Game said regardless of the break they won't be selling it early. Can't blame them, I'd just wait to avoid the headache. Seems like I might have to line up now.

Thanks for the info lads :D
I don't really get the point behind them not selling/releasing preorders before 7pm, since it won't have any effect upon people getting headstarts >.>
Every previous year blizzard has held retailers responsible for HUGE fines if they release it before midnight of the release day, I imagine blizzard didn't put forward a huge effort to show retailer this isn't the case outside of america.
Someone (who obviously didn't get the memo) launched the game at midnight overnight. Think it was GAME. Game seems to be buyable at most retailers.
Yeah seems the bright sparks at GAME launched at midnight, so EB have been given permission to release all copies NOW, so give em a call if you have pre-orded, or go pick them up so you can stare at the box for the next 9 hours ;p
I have mine already. have had it since about 10am AEDST
Collectors edition unboxing if you want to see whats inside:
It's really about keeping the streets of Canberra safe from a rushing driver :D

Well the rigid 7pm "copies walk out the door" strat was ridiculous to start with but thankfully someone doesn't check their e-mail at work and went a head with a midnight launch which it self is as silly as the 7pm idea.

I got a call this morning saying I can pick it up and here I am with the box in my lap.

Now I can avoid the log in queue :D and save a few lives.
I just got my CE too from EB Games.
Got a text message this morning, that you can pick it up as soon as the store open.

JB Hifi and some other stores start selling it too.
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