WTS Tiny

Came across 2 of these the other day, and figured i would pawn one off if anyone is interested. If you are interested in purchasing a Tiny WoWTCG loot code give me a jingle (Mail this toon or /w in game).

Selling for WoW currency or i would trade for a Wow Time card if for whatever reason you wanted to go that route.

Was thinking 1-2k was a fair price but depending on what offers (or lack thereof) i see i would be willing to sell if for less.

If no one wants it it's just gonna go to Ebay or someone in my guild (but only if i love you [Sorry Moobs and Rykku])
Also, if you don't know what it is Google it. I'm most likely not going to check these boards very regularly, also, feel free to flame away, honestly couldn't care less.
You're bad Rav, you're bad.

There... flamed ya!

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