friend wants me to xfer here. hows servs pvp?

does this server have decent amount of glads? hows world pvp? horde or alliance? want srs answers no BS plz
If you wanted "srs" answers and no BS. Then don't bring BS to our server forums. All of this information is available online via a Google search and/or previous posts.
Or better yet...why don't you ask your "friend". Since he's here...on the server already...
Nah PvP is pretty terrible here. This server only got about 70 percent of the gladiator titles in this battlegroup for Season 8 and only has about 4 established PvP guilds for Rated BGs in Cataclysm.

You can definitely find much better elsewhere.
Lies you has no friends
you guys r *#*@s... i like it
But will you give up days of leveling to make such a transfer!
having the most gladiator doesn't mean the whole server is good. plus this server is FULLLLLL for realz
It's too full. Please don't come here and tell your friend that he is also now deemed unwelcome for trying to bring in...outsiders.
12/06/2010 4:01 PMPosted by Savaged
Roll a horde.. right now it's almost 2:1 for the alliance.

It's more like 4:1
We dont want/need more ppl
Sargeras is full.

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