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We recently made a change to the way experience is calculated and wanted to take some time to explain this change in order to clear up some confusion some may be having in regard to their rate of progress. If you are currently at the maximum level that you can be for an expansion (or higher), killing creatures from that expansion will now grant 10% of normal experience.


    Level 60 or higher players get 10% normal experience for killing creatures in Azeroth (“Old world” content)
    Level 70 or higher players get 10% of normal experience for killing Burning Crusade creatures.
    Level 80 or higher players get 10% of normal experience for killing Lich King creatures.
    Level 85 or higher players get 10% of normal experience for killing Cataclysm creatures.

What does this mean for those that have Cataclysm and are leveling up new characters? This means that you will gain normal experience through to level 60 and will then need to move on to The Burning Crusade zones until you reach level 70 and Wrath of the Lich King zones until you reach level 80. Once you reach 80, it is expected that you will be continuing your leveling adventures in the new Cataclysm zones and dungeons. We have made this change so that players will continue to progress through the appropriate content for their level versus grinding on quick re spawns in a less ideal location.

This change will also affect hunter pets and their leveling rate if the player is at max level, however, this is an unintended change that we will be addressing in the future.
What about Quests? Will WotLK quests only give 10% of normal xp at lvl 80?
Sounds reasonable.
Big thread incoming.
PS poo
12/06/2010 3:09 PMPosted by Klaes
I am outraged.

Why? I highly doubt the mobs were there so you can level quickly. They were probably there all along for reasons regarding quests or just cosmestic (Level 1 sheep army, anyone?)
12/06/2010 3:09 PMPosted by Klaes
So at level 68 it is no longer in our best interest to jump to Boring Tundra or Howling Fjord?
And at 58, its no longer best to head for the dark portal?

No, I think this is aimed at getting people to move into new content at the appropriate level, so to thwart people who are planning on chaining heroics until 82. He didn't say anything about being lower than the particular level, just higher. OL and NR quests are designed to accommodate 58 and 68 respectively.
Sounds fine to me.
This has the added benefit that, if you're trying to hang around in Northrend at 80 finishing up some things before moving on, you don't outlevel the content as quickly. It's a nice change, except for the problem with training pets...
I was wondering why my pets were lvling stupid slow lately. when 4.o.3a came out and I got all my new pets. They were lvling wonderfully and then the last few days Its taking forever.
Good changes.
Aww... You make classic so awesome, don't make BC better at all, and then force us to leave classic as soon as we reach 60 D:

This change would make sense after you update BC and WOTLK zones, but right now its just hurtful :(

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It says creatures.. nothing about quest or did i miss something...
At first I thought OMG THIS IS HORRID but then I understood it a lil bit more and liked it :D
Does this affect quest experience gains or just creature experience gains?

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