Paladin dps or tank

which is better Ive been tank from lvl 1-61 but i could change that i got the gold but which one is a better paladin retribution or protection whats the difference? and what would u choose
`better` is subjective.

only you can decide which on is better for you.

the gearing isn't very different, and you can dual spec. Try out ret see if you like it.
how much does it cost to reset talents?
Depends on how often you've reset them. I think the first time is 1g, the highest it goes... well, it used to be 50g. It may be lower now. With the ridiculous amount of gold you can earn questing in the old world now, a reset or three are peanuts.
I think dual specing is only 10 gold, no need for a talent reset.

though the gylphs are gonna cost you.
lol its 1g then :P so the difference is dmg and defense right? but what i need to know is if there is a BIG difference example: when im protection i get hit by 200 and retribution i get hit like 1000 or 800
I leveled from 10-70 as prot (don't forget you're not specced @ all pre 10) in BC. and then 70-80 as prot during wotlk (with a few quests done as ret, as I didn't pick my pally back up till after 3.3 so i picked up dual-spec right away).

I'm currently leveling a tauren pally as prot also.

From what i've experienced leveling as a prot pally post 4.0 changes, I can't imagine any reason i'd want to go ret at all. As if I hadn't felt OP enough the first time leveling a prot pally, my tauren feels downright godly. I can easily aoe down very large groups of significantly higher level mobs than myself (i'm talking 6-10 levels higher), or even aoe decen't sized groups of same to slightly higher level elites.

Also, ret is incredibly clunky without the appropriate amount of haste, and IMO, cannot imagine it'd be any fun at all to level as now.

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