Our "nerf"

Yea, so I see alot of people crying saying we are nerfed to the ground, and worthless

But if you played ret back in bc you know how being worthless really was, sure we could refresh seals on a target but woohoo ya know?

if you are lucky you still got to raid, and life was good, but you had to be a very good ret pally

now 4.0.1 comes out and soon tonight cata, and half the pally community is saying we are worthless again, now if you ask me i still think we are better than we had been in bc, and if we ever went back to that sure i would start to reconsider playing a ret pally, but at this point we arnt completly worthless we still do dps, maybe not as much as everyone else, but if you are a true ret you stick with it till the end...of course i forgot where i was going with this, so if you agree say so if not, meh idc really, i dont mind the changes, it will never be as bad as it was in BC..thats all thanks for reading and plz feel free (as if i can stop you) to post comments
50% of all paladins are either rerolling mages or warriors.
true story
sad day, just means they rerolled pallys when they got buffed, glad to see em go, been ret since the day i started heh
yes i love my paladin to but that doesnt mean i like seeing them turn my class in to a garbage dump and say were FINE while buffing every other class far beyond us
of course its not cool, but at least its not bc, if you played then you know it was BAD lol ill keep playing and hope for the best, if all else fails i have a priest i could play lol
This is what i get for not Lvling up the new *fad class* (mages and locks).. /sigh
my mage/lock are at 50 mwahahaha
Seska stop stalking me.
And yes paladins are very garbage in pvp now. i know friends who as paladins could kill pretty much anything in pvp but now they've rerolled cuz how screwed up we are..i hear were fixed in cata...im waiting for proof before i reroll
Well i'm no ret paladin, but i can tell you from my perspective paladins were most deffinitely nerfed since i been away, and they have every right to "whine" about it. It's pretty severe how weak paladins are now compared to back when i last played.
"Never Gunna Give You Up" is the perfect song to describe my thoughts toward my Ret Paladin. Adapt and overcome! PvP-wise we're a little weaker on the damage side of things, yes, so focus on the strong points - off-healing and outlasting. Because we're pretty beast at that right now.

I have a mage that I play often, but I could never change my main to anything other than my Paladin. I've been with the class for too long, put too much time and effort into it to just give it up over some lousy changes that will probably be changed again.

Anyone remember Seal of Fury? we've come a long way.
i don't see how pallies got nerfed sure bubble lasts only 8 seconds now but im a threat hog when it comes to dungeons i say pallies got a buff for prot atleast
12/06/2010 10:13 PMPosted by Karri
Ya, guess u didn't read a word i put in there or u just skimmed over it hardlly thing after the first patch an im dong 15k or so over night after i nerf i all the sudden was a noob at ret pay attentin before u post, an if ur out dpsing mages they are afk or u been with the worst mages in the game i fu haven't seeen 1 pull some sick number u arn't raiding maybe thats it ur in %%%%% gear so u can't raid so u don't know, ret tooka huge hit with no burst at all guess thats ur alt seems the pp like oh its ok have a ret alt not a main so really seems u don't know waht ur talking about, an irah if that was ur main ud have some more insight, l2read, an if u don't know a class that well maybe commenting on it isn't the brightest idea

You are the kind of players that blizzard is trying to penalize. Pally is fine and learn to play. Make sure you learn how to use punctuations before you want other people to give a crap about what you say.
at least in BC we didnt suck this bad in pvp, but its too early to tell yet
lol I think we are fine, also lets the lames re-roll mages and warriors, w/e.

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