Crusader strike cooldown difference?

Leveling a pally, first time since launch and notice that in my ret spec CS's cooldown is 4.5 seconds, yet when I switch to Prot it's only 3 seconds. Even though I have no talents/skills that reduce it (that I'm aware of). I'm only level ~30 or so. Is there something I'm missing here?
It's a secret perk of prot. It is supposed to be that way.
12/05/2010 9:52 PMPosted by Daloron
Yeah, prot gets an inherent, undocumented reduction in the CD of CS and HotR. Meanwhile retribution has to stack 900 haste rating and spend a talent point to achieve the same thing.

Makes sense right?

It actually makes a lot of sense. CS used to be a 4 second CD for prot and it made our rotation very bad. So instead of lowering CS for Ret as well (which would make their rotation stupid) they just made it a hidden prot perk.

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