Is Long Arm of the Law worth taking?

12/06/2010 11:15 AMPosted by Carmie
it doesn't begin to compare to the true gap closers that other melee have.

Understood. Intercept and Deathgrip are far superior from a mechanics perspective.

12/06/2010 11:15 AMPosted by Carmie
It also procs armour effects on the target, so if you use it on a mage, you actually wind up snaring yourself. Very amusing.

Is that intended behavior? That's awful. No ability that is intended to help a melee close a gap to a target should have that kind of side effect.
You guys are nuts. I've been leveling this paladin to main at 85 and I've found LaotL to offer great utility for me in Pvp and Pve. The speed boost for getting in people's faces really can't be complained about, but where this truly shines for me is running away honorably as someone already said. It's just so great to pop divine protection hand of freedom and get a laotl to zoom out of a group of mages.

It has it's uses for Pve as well, helps me get around faster is is really just a welcome talent in my opinion. I would rarely not take it for any purpose. Nerfed eye for an eye though, that's a different story.

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