(H) Afflicted Recruiting

Area 52
We are currently recruiting players for an elite 10-man cataclysm raiding guild. We are very dedicated and are focused on raiding two nights a week doing all hard modes, heroic versions, and achievements along the way. We will shoot for nothing less than 100% completion. We have entensive experience raiding ALL end-game content in Vanilla Wow, BC and WOTLK. We were originally from the Ghostlands server but moved to Area 52 hoping to find new dedicated players to join our ranks. We are a laid back group of players who enjoy the friendly, family style raiding environment. Our goal is to not call our players out over their every mistake, but to mold players to be the best they possibly can. Please visit our website listed below to put in an application, or whisper me Mynaura or Kelld in game for additional details. We look forward to any and all applicants and hope to enjoy Cataclysm with you soon! Thank you!

With the new guild leveling being implemented, we would like to throw out and invitation to anyone who is looking for a home!

Guild Website: Afflicted-Area52.guildlaunch.com

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