Dwarf or Human - Help me Decide!

Hi guys, I am undecided on a dwarf or human pally. I will mainly be focusing on pve with casual pvp on the side. I will be leveling as prot until dual spec at 30. Will be raiding end game as holy.
I would say if ur holy then draenei. cool new mounts, cool lore with the light. but between the two races you like, then human.
Femdorf. They have huge... tracts of land? Yes.
Female Draenei. If you have a tail you can not fail.
If I was playing Alliance, I'd have a Dwarf (have an old DPaly somewhere.)

Though this goes back to the LotR days when me and friends were reading the books (a decade before the movie came out, I'd guess.) They were all on the Elven bandwagon, I was part of the Dwarven counter-culture. :D And I'm kinda short in RL too. :p

That and you get a Paly charger. (Though I like the red of the BE one better, the warhorse is still king, in any clothes.)

But really? Play the one you like the most. Look at the character models. Remember that Dwarves, like Gnomes, are closer to the ground (so if you play with your camera zoomed in a lot, you'll get a lower worldview...which isn't always a bad thing.)
Male Dwarf (melee of any kind) have terrible animations IMO. Female Draenei or M/F Human forever!
if you plan on being a tank, then i could suggest Dwarf, they got decent racial that can help

but i would say Human as the rep boost is really nice

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