Free Transfers Soon?

This server has became very popular, with the queue times popping up again before cata is even released, also with all the Battle groups being tied together soon, a lot of us are looking to go to a lower populated server, preferably on the east coast or central.

Is there anytime in the near future for free transfers to help populate other servers and balance the horde and alliance ratio
I can see the future and read minds
Does the future have cookies?
So why the %%#! is this server so popular anyway? I always see people asking about it and mentioning that they just transferred. WHY
they can have it just give me a way out lawl
You can thank the retards that blindly transferred here after many have warned them that transferring to a full server will have consequences now you either have to pay or live with it. Get over it.
Statistically, its one of the last (if not THE last) alliance-heavy PvP realm. All others are horde. Now, granted I got this info from Wowcensus (and I understand the pop. info there may be unreliable) ... I'd guess alliance come here to up their mortality rate upon leaving capital cities while horde come here to be the underdogs.

Either way, server's too full. Character Migration plz~~
Shoosh Baneblade and make my queue go away.. 203 minutes in queue.
doesn't matter, world server just crashed. impossible to quest anyway when alliance are swarming like ants
There should definitely be free transfers off this server. 1500 position in queue, your kidding me right?!?! & a 2 hour wait time just to play... screw this
Holy crap!! I've waited forever to log on and still nothing! went from 1600 que to 1200 in like an hr! :/ definitely need a free transfer
1149 been waitin 4 40 min ughhh get me out of here
lol <3 Dez
i think the reason that blizz hasnt given us... or any realm for that matter free transfers is because they are waiting for people to pay for the transfers... then after they make their money they will let us who dont have 20 bucks transfer for free
They will most likely wait and see how the servers are in a few days.
while that may be true, KT has been overpopulated and unbalanced for some time now. i would gladly move to another server if it means no queues, balanced server (most likely not), and less spam in trade
I'm unfortunately in the same boat. I work almost every day and every night when I get home I want to get on the game for a bit. I've been stuck with queues lasting over an hour just to play, and by then it's too late to really get into things.

I'd pay for a transfer now, but I'm just afraid they will open free transfers off in a few days and I would have spent that money for nothing.
Free transfers naow!
get more ally off this server plz. so yes free ally server transfers
I want out, give us free xfers !!!

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