The Petition to find Kasha a new Home

I just want to alert anyone reading that there are some spoilers in this post, and if you don't want to ruin a quest chain in the Hillsbrad foothills I wouldn't read any further.

Well, today I decided to experience some of the new content and rolled an undead warlock. I found myself really loving the quests in Trisfal glades and Silverpine forest. It had perfect flow and I found that instead of leveling being this chore I had to do, it was this fun thing that I couldn't get enough of. I got to level 24 in one day, which is something I don't think I would have ever been able to do pre 4.0. So before you read any more, qood work quest development team. I thoroughly enjoyed all the new content thus far.

Anyways, I found myself doing the Kingslayer Orkus chain and fell in love with this NPC, he was really interesting and funny. I eventually got to the part where Kasha saves you and Kingslayer Orkus and on the way back to Tarren Mill, he made me promise to find Kasha, his skeletal mount a safe and cold place to live. Unfortunately Blizzard totally forgot to implement the quest that allowed us to keep that promise. I personally think that a "Hero of the Horde!" should get his final wishes. We save her life and she saves our life and what happens to her? Nothing at all! The Alterac mountains could have been a perfect place to put this quest. You could even have a memorial to Kingslayer Orkus who apparently saved the lives of thousands.

Please show your support in this thread. Hopefully the Devs will read this thread and implement a quest in the game!
I agree 100%

I figure she could take a swing up by Alterac Mountains and enjoy the weather if the feeling strikes her. In the meantime, I think Kasha is preoccupied by perching in the center of Terran Mill and looking completely badass
Have to agree with Hexus, its cool seeing her flying around Tarren Mills. Though it would be a nice update to take her back to Icecrown at a later date.
Bump she should have a follow up quest.
I just finished this quest and I completely agree. Kasha deserves a follow up quest!
Kasha flies around Tarren Mill after you've done the quest chain. Supposedly if you die and see her, you can see Orkus riding her.
I love Kasha!!! Should have a new quest line with her!
Kasha definately needs a follow up quest. I love the idea of it being at a higher level. After all, you first meet Orkus at a lower level than you have at this quest. Kasha needs a home!
I finish this quest ... i love Kasha too ... why she simply desappears?
I agree.
If Orkus is an orc warrior...and he died in service to the Forsaken...what are the odds he would get resurrected as an orc death knight and be united with Kasha? I also ran through the new undead area quests for the first time since Cataclysm hit a few months ago, and while I still think the undead are horrible ex-people, the quests just made all other areas seem inferior. And I totally wouldn't put it past the undead to pull those shenanigans.

Also, I 'm pretty sure an orc would take undeath well, considering they seem to like slaying things forever.
I agreed to take her somewhere cold, why? Because it was the last wishes of a dying orc.

I too sign this petition.

Though since Kasha shares a model with the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher, I can always take my 25 man glory of the ICC drake somewhere cold and pretend it's Kasha, thus fulfilling my promise to Orkus.

I agree.
I could not agree more. Follow up quest for the hero dragon.....I will sign my name
/adopt Kasha
Bumping this because it's kind of sad seeing Kasha flying around Tarren Mills :(

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