The Petition to find Kasha a new Home

/me signs
For Kasha! She deserves a new home. I /sign this petition!
10/15/2011 12:03 AMPosted by Seiryu
Kasha flies around Tarren Mill after you've done the quest chain. Supposedly if you die and see her, you can see Orkus riding her.

While it would be nice to have a quest to take her to somewhere cool and comfortable for her, or get to keep her as a mount or a pet, seeing she's happy flying around with Orkus on her back, I think it should be left as is.

Yes. I remember killing myself right after this quest just to see this in the ghost point of view. And it was a tear jerker. (T_T)
I agree there should be a follow up quest to fulfill Kingslayer Orkus's last wish. After that being done, my idea would be to have Kasha appear randomly in Hillsbrad Foothills as if returning to visit her lost friend Orkus. Upon seeing Kasha, the player should be granted a quest that would begin a quest chain similar to the Venomhide Ravasaur to receive either a Kasha pet or Kasha mount. Both would be awesome but that probably won't happen. This quest chain could have a quest available every 5 -10 levels that would build your skill and bond with Kasha. Anyway, give that brave wonderful dragon a home. /sign
/signI would love a quest, where you actually get Kasha as a mount! I mean I think this is a different model then the other ICC mounts..


If I remember correctly I think Kasha's model is actually a reskin of the PVP Frostwyrm model (Season 8 Wrathful Gladiator) rather than the Glory of the ICC raider variants.

You can see by the detail on her head.

season 8 drake
ICC 25 man drake

Kasha and the season 8 drake do not have the thick bone through the middle of the head which the glory drakes do, instead they have only two small boney horns. Also Kasha does not have the armor pieces they glory drakes do, just like the PVP mount.

Could we at least get a quest to take her to Alterac Mountains in the north? It's cold there. And much less travel than going all the way to Icecrown Glacier, or Coldarra.
I support this position. Long live Kasha! ... er, you know what I mean.
This quest line is heart breaking. At first Orkus made me laugh then stunned me with how serious things got and he showed his full worth as did Kasha, the friend and steed. The kingslayer and his mount should have further material. I enjoyed it very much and felt genuinely remorseful for these characters. /sign
I cry everytime I do the quest, I fully agree that I should be able to fulfill my promise to Orkus.
i vote kasha goes to mop /sign
I agree! If Orkus is flying around with her as a ghost right now, just give us one more quest to get her to the Alterac Mountains where she can fly around -there- with her ghostly hero, and we all have closure!

Orkus' death was pretty affecting, and he did it to save Kasha. So Blizz-help us save Kasha!

Me want Kasha to have a home
My first time as horde I choose and undead priest and actually enjoy questing for the first time in a very long time and then I get my ripped out with this quest line. Best quest line ever and yes Kasha needs a home as we promised Orkus we would!

One of the only quests in the game that I make a point to do with every alt I level! I /sign..
yea i was really disappointed when kasha just disappears gone for good and i agree 100%
I just purchased my cold weather flying license & returned to Tarren Mill fully expecting a monumental quest to some far off high mountain range in Northrend (haven't been there yet). Get to Tarren Mill, nothing... I'll definitely sign the petition, not only to honor my promise to the fallen hero Kingslayer Orkus, but also to ensure Kasha finds a proper home.

...but, then again, perhaps Kasha chooses to remain with Orkus' remains.
I completely agree. This quest made me feel feelings!

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