PvP Healing

I just came back from a 6 month break, and was wondering if anyone could enlighten me with a Holy PvP healing guide?

or give me the layout of the land, because from what I've seen on my paladin it's been flipped upside down.

Thanks a Bunch

level up to 85, then look for a guide

it's not worth learning level 80 pvp for it's last 6 hours
I'm full wrathful I have been healing as holy for quite a while now, but I plan on pvping my way to 80 getting honor for the new gear, just wondering what abilities I should focus on using, since FoL is now a heavy self mana burn.
I try to avoid casting unless i have to, Holy Shock and Word of Glory do good by themselves and let you hold your mana really well. If you do have to cast a heal stick with FoL only and watch it just takes one interrupt and a few Dps before its game over :/ hopefully at 85 this will balance out
Holy PvP healing is going to be great now if you ask me. Stack mastery (at 85 it should be nasty) and just stick with flash of light and holy shock, using Word of Glory as needed or whenever you hit 3 Holy Power (whichever comes first). Sometimes while heal botting I just holy shock my target then use Word of Glory with 1 holy power over and over. VERY mana efficient therefore i'm not afraid to use Flash of Light when i need a good quick burst of healing and it also gives you a holy power charge if used on your beacon target (which is 5 min now... YES!) so then your word of glory heals harder.

I'm loving the changes and see it being pretty OP come 85. Just think when our Mastery gives something like a 30-50% shield. With a 30k heal (just guessing not really sure what it'll be come 85) that'll be a 10-15k shield on the target. Sounds gnarly.

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