bring back elite pvp gear

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Elite pvp gear with better stats should be brought back into this game, and normal pvp gear should have rating requirements, when it did before.

you would have to just get honor and get honor pvp gear when it was like this before. and then pve players can stop complaining about pvp gear getting better than pve gear.

pvp takes more skill than pve. then you would say, Oh i thought pvp is only about skill. pvp is about skill having better pvp gear doesn't matter. and if you don't have a 2200 rating, whatever you say is not correct.
i am correct in this thread. Also pve gear should not be better than pvp gear.

blizzard should just fix mmr so bad players do not get into an arena game with good players, until the bad players get better rating. also, having elite pvp gear brings back the reward for having a high rating. And don't say it is always about the comp. because there is still skill involved.
leggo my ego

also no

you're wrong
2200 in Cata was the equivalent of 2k last season...

Sooo it's not much difference.
LOL you don't even have a 2200 rating. i am a god in pvp
i have a 2500 rating in rbgs even though rbgs doesn't matter i am still better than all of you.
and i have a 2200 rating in arena in 3's in many seasons and classes.
i win
How fun is lvl 1 pvp? And can I join please
shut up idiot, i also got 2200 in the wrath of the lich king expansion, and i started this game in the burning crusade. when did you start this game. MISTS OF PANDARIA HUNTER LOL.
this is actually the worst troll attempt ever lol

and still

you're wrong m8
2200 is most other expansions was the equivalent of 2k last season because of how deflated rating was.

and my other account is banned on the forums, and i cannot tell you my other character because i will get banned in game, i trolled on the forums that i used hacks. i did not.
so if you have a higher rating than me.
you win.
I started playing my Hunter in TBC, because I knew that they'd be OP in MoP.

That's something I wouldn't expect a level 1 to understand.
lol you idiot, you don't even have a 2200 rating.
shut up.

elite gear back

no thanks. makes it that much harder for new people to hit 2.2k

Although I do think some epic glowy gear for hitting 2.2/2.4/2.5 would be cool, kinda like the legendary cape.
But this is pvp, so no1 cares.
Too obvious.

Although, I still do hate this psuedo-"elite" gear these days.

Should've just kept it at 2200.

Also should've kept the majority of the sets red.

Looking at that s11 T2 DK gear had me drooling so much when I first started playing.
I'm sure you also have your rival title like me, so calm your titz Level 1 Rival!
only the monk has a 2200 rating,
none of you have a 2200 rating,
stop trying to troll me.
04/24/2014 04:05 PMPosted by Kassaira
Elite pvp gear with better stats should be brought back into this game

No, it shouldn't. It was harmful to competitive play and created a completely useless, silly wall that barred people from progressing. They should just take gear out of PvP entirely. Make everyone fight naked,
04/24/2014 04:15 PMPosted by Sezbeth
Although, I still do hate this psuedo-"elite" gear these days.

Should've just kept it at 2200.

they really should have, especially factoring in inflation and whatnot

it's kind laughable how easy "elite" gear is to get when we approach the 3/4 mark in the season.

hell even the halfway point through the seasons makes 2k extremely easy if you just have a good comp
Did you know that last season being 2025 was Duelist, and 2300ish was Gladiator?
Hows it feel knowing your 2.2 doesn't matter, because you're still a Rival like me? :3


/flips table
this is why pvp won't get better its bad players like you,
that can't get a 2200 rating.
LOL if the rating requirement for normal pvp gear was in the game, you would quit this game because getting honor for honor pvp gear is too hard.

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